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Author Topic:   New KIDS Website
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posted January 16, 2001 12:14 PM

January 17, 2001


Sturgeon,PA--- The all new JUNIOR DIRT-RACERS Website has just been launched and is now online for kids who are fans of dirt track racing. The new kids-oriented site is devoted to children from ages 12 and under and offers them a chance to participate and contribute to the new website. The new website was founded by Stacy Scheers, who is behind the Dirt-Racers website, and is being edited and written by Doc Lehman, who operates the new Dirt America website. The new JR. Dirt-Racers website is part of the Dirt-Racers and Dirt America family.
On the new JR. Dirt-Racers website kids will be able to have fun with some upcoming contests, in which prizes will be awarded. Other features include an artwork section, where kids can draw and color pictures of their favorite racers and have them posted on the site. There will also be pages devoted to KID RACERS….profiles of kids who themselves race (go karts, quarter-midgets, etc…), a JR. Dirt-Racers Birthday Club, a Letters to the Drivers page in which kids can write letters to their favorite drivers for posting. Another feature will be Dirt Racers of the Month, in which kids can write questions to the selected, featured drivers who will respond and answer their questions on the site. Also included will be a KIDS’ NITE schedule, listing dates and times of special Kid’s Nights at race tracks around the country, and a special links page. More features will be added over the coming weeks.
“To be perfectly honest my own son, Mikie, was the one who sparked the idea for the Jr. Dirt-Racers website,” stated Scheers, the mother of her seven year old son. “He is on the computer a lot, loves racing, and wondered why there wasn’t a website for the kids. A lightbulb went off and here we are. I’m excited about it. We’ve already had considerable response and I think this will be a lot of fun for kids who enjoy dirt track racing. We plan on having fun with it!”
“I think it’s something that will be useful and vital and lots of fun,” explained Lehman, the father of three grown children who is expecting his first grandchild later this year. “It’s almost a cliché now, but kids are the future of this sport and maybe this will be another, small way of generating excitement and participation. The sport will always need more racers, more track officials, members of the media, more flagmen, the whole gamut! Hopefully, in some small way, we can help keep generating enthusiasm for the sport among the kids by giving them a chance to actively participate.”
The Jr. Dirt Racers website will also be active in promoting good, wholesome causes such as literacy, education and more. The website also hopes race car drivers, race teams, racetrack owners and sanctioning groups will participate in Jr. Dirt Racers by donating items for prizes and awards and by interacting with the kids who reach out to them.
“We need to do more for the kids,” said Lehman. “We have to all work hard to keep increasing the fan base and the future of the sport all hinges on the new generation being interested and actively involved. We need them and we need them to feel welcomed and a part of racing. And besides, there are thousands of talented, bright and intelligent children out there who love the sport and we hope to provide an outlet for their enthusiasm and talents.”
Kids (and parents) can log on to the all new Jr. Dirt-Racers website : .
For additional information contact Scheers at: or Lehman at:

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