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Author Topic:   Garry Lee Maier's Stolen Race hauler
Racing From The Past
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posted October 08, 2000 12:39 AM
I realize it's a slim chance, but who knows who might be reading this and where they might be. The rig might be passing through your community etc.
Received e-mail this evening from Webmaster at (Jeff) about this.
Be on the look out for a 2000 Ford 1 ton red Dually with 4000 miles on it and a Red 5th wheel Sooner Aluminum Trailer with no signage on it or decals, inside the trailer was a complete Bishop Sprint Car with a Salina Engine ASCS 360 engine and the regular racing equpment. The complete rig was stolen early this morning (Saturday) sometime between 4:30am and 6:30am this morning at the Red Roof motel in Dallas TX. The complete truck and trailer and contents belonged to Gary Lee Maier. I would contact your local law enforcement center where ever you might be. This would be the quickest way if you would happen to see this hauler. May have Kansas tags if they have not been changed.
Racing From The Past

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posted October 13, 2000 01:38 PM
I realize this is a terrible thing to have to deal with. I had my motorcycle stolen a few years ago. It was recovered in South Dakota. Sitting sitting behind a gas station.
I just can't help but to laugh just alittle. They took everything? The truck, trailer, and racecar? Whoever did it has to be the dumbest person alive. Or one heck of a theif.

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