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Author Topic:   Fuel Injection Q / Help
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posted March 22, 2003 07:56 PM
All new Hilborn system, 360 Sprint, set up straight from Hilborn, is DUMPING massive amounts of fuel on the right side only, at idle only.
I know nothing about Fuel Injection. I bought it brand new, set it up just like I was told to (as far as pills and injectors and all that). Car starts cold and idles at 1300 rpm smooth as silk, except fuel is DRIPPING out the right header, and the left one isn't. Off idle the system appears perfect, as far as mixture / engine temp. Oil also looks good, not washed down.
What gives, I can't figure out how ONE SIDE is richer then the other ??? I mean, I have a basic grasp of how the thing works, how can more fuel be going to one side ???? It's bugging me, please help.
Only other thing I can think of is that after running on the track, it won't idle, you have to give it throttle or it idles too slow and shuts off.
I know this is way basic stuff, somebody feel some pity for my ignorance and toss me a bone please

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