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posted August 25, 2002 08:34 AM UIN: 16262997


UNION, KY - Chub Frank of Sugar Grove, PA charged up from the 15th starting
spot to win the United Dirt Track Racing Association Pro DirtCar Series
North-South 100 on Saturday night at Florence Speedway.

Frank moved his Corry Rubber Rocket/Draime Monte Carlo around Tim Hitt of
Weston, WV on lap 62, to collect the $15,000 top prize and his seventh UDTRA
career win. Frank was also the Advance Auto Parts Hard Charger of the Race
to pick up an extra $150.

Hitt drove the Morehead Auto Parts GRT/Russell Baker Monte Carlo to the
second spot, and Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA finished third in the
Daufeldt Transport Mastersbilt/Pro Power Grand Prix. The 1997 UDTRA
Champion Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR took the fourth spot in the Petroff
Towing/J&J Steel Rayburn/Dickens Taurus.

The 1999 UDTRA Champion Dale McDowell of Rossville, GA kept his chances
alive for a second title with a fifth-place finish in the Larry Shaw Race
Cars Rocket/Custom Grand Prix. Darrell Lanigan of Union, KY was sixth in
the Arizona Sports Shirts Rocket/Cornett Taurus.

The Defending UDTRA Champion and current point leader Rick Eckert of York,
PA made a late-race charge to bring his Raye Vest Rocket/Cornett Taurus
in the seventh spot. Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, WI ran up front early in
race, but faded to an eighth-place finish in the Jimmy Mars Racing
Mastersbilt/Pro Power Monte Carlo.

Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL posted his 15th top ten finish in the
last 16 UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series events with a ninth-place effort in the
Lucas Oil/Dunn-Benson Ford Rocket/Eatmon Taurus. Matt Miller was also an
early front runner, but settled for tenth in the McCullough Motorsports
Rocket/Russell Baker Grand Prix.

Eckert now holds a 141-point lead over Steve Francis of Ashland, KY, who
running third late in the race, but slowed with a mechanical problem with
five laps to go, and finished 11th in the Valvoline/Mopar Parts
Rocket/Stanton Intrepid. McDowell is now 148 points behind Eckert in the
third spot.

Passing was the name of the game in the North-South 100, as the Florence
Speedway surface gave competitors two to three grooves to maneuver.
Position changes were commonplace throughout the field.

Hitt grabbed the lead from the outside front row at the start of the race
followed by pole sitter Mars, Birkhofer, Miller, and Francis. Miller
charged around Birkhofer for the third spot on lap two, and Francis passed
Birkhofer for the fourth position on the third lap.

By lap 20, Frank was up to the eighth position, and Birkhofer was able to
retake the fourth spot from Francis on lap 28. Francis dropped back to
sixth when McDowell got by on lap 31, and Frank was closing in on the top
five on lap 34 when he passed Francis for the sixth position.

Frank wasted no time getting into the top five because he raced past
McDowell for fifth on lap 35, and then picked off Birkhofer for the fourth
spot on lap 41. Moyer was on the move by lap 46, as he passed Francis for
seventh, and then got by McDowell for sixth on lap 49. At the halfway
point, Frank passed Miller for the third spot.

Frank then set sail for the second place car of Mars, and the battle was
by lap 55. Frank passed Mars for second on lap 56, while Moyer got around
Birkhofer for the fifth spot. Mars battled back to retake the second spot
from Frank on lap 57. Moyer passed Miller for the fourth position on lap
58, and Francis moved back around McDowell for the seventh spot.

The caution flag came out on lap 59 when Steve Casebolt of Richmond, IN
the fourth turn wall in the Charlie Watson Ford Rocket/Dargie Taurus. Hitt
led the field down for the restart followed by Mars, Frank, Moyer, Miller,
Birkhofer, Francis, McDowell, Pearson and Lanigan.

Frank and Miller got up on their respective wheels for the restart, as Frank
blasted by Mars for second, and Miller passed Moyer for fourth. Miller
his momentum up for the next lap, as he got around Mars for the third spot.
Mars was again up to the challenge, as he retook the third spot from Miller
on lap 61, and Moyer followed into the fourth position.

Frank was riding high on lap 62, as he took the lead away from Hitt coming
off the fourth turn. Francis was also gearing up for a late-race charge,
he passed Birkhofer for the sixth spot, then moved around Miller for fifth
on lap 63, and on lap 65 passed Moyer for fourth. Miller began to fade,
Birkhofer passed him for 6th.

Moyer was the next driver to feel some heat, as Francis got by him for
fourth on lap 65, and then Birkhofer drove around him for the fifth spot
lap 66. Birkhofer then set his sights on Francis, and made a pass for the
fourth position on lap 67. Miller's fall from the front of the pack
continued on lap 68 when McDowell got around him for seventh.

Birkhofer's run in the top five was short-lived, as Francis turned up the
wick on lap 70 to pass him for fourth, and Moyer scooted around Birky for
fifth on lap 71. Lanigan dropped Miller back to the eighth spot on lap

After running the top three for the first three-quarters of the race, Mars
began to back up on lap 76 when Francis passed him for third. Birkhofer
up a head of steam and moved around Moyer and Mars to take fourth on lap
and Moyer passed Mars for fifth on lap 82.

On lap 84, McDowell passed Mars for sixth, then Mars retook the spot from
McDowell on lap 85, but McDowell put Mars back in the seventh position on
lap 87. Mars dropped back to eighth on lap 91 when Lanigan moved by. Then
Moyer and Birkhofer went to battle. On lap 92, Moyer passed Birkhofer for
fourth, but Birkhofer raced back by Mr. Smooth on lap 93.

The final caution flag of the race came out on lap 95 when Jeep Van Wormer
of Picconing, MI in the Bayline Fire Protection Warrior/Custom Taurus and
Tony Traficant of West Chester, OH in the John Nolan Ford Rocket/Cornett
Monte Carlo got together in turn two. This set up a six-lap dash to the
checkered flag.

Frank led Hitt, Francis, Birkhofer, Moyer, McDowell, Lanigan, Mars, Pearson,
and Miller down to the green flag. On the restart, Francis fell off the
pace, while Eckert picked his up from the 11th spot.

Eckert got by Miller on the restart to moved into the top ten, and then
raced by Pearson and Francis to move up to eighth on lap 96, before settling
into the seventh spot when he passed Mars on lap 98.

Moyer was the fast qualifier among the 55 entrants, turning the 1/2-mile
clay oval in 17.715 seconds for an average speed of 101.649 miles per hour.
McDowell picked up the JE Pistons $100 Bonus Award with a win in the fifth
10-lap heat race, and Francis won the Scott Performance Wires $50 Bonus
Award with a sixth heat race win.

Mars, Hitt, Miller, and Birkhofer won the first four heat races
respectively. Randle Chupp of Mooresville, NC won the first 10-lap Polaris
ATVs Consolation Race in the Biscotti's Restaurant and Winery/Park Ohio
Rocket/Draime Grand Prix. Shannon Babb of Decatur, IN won the second consy
in the Car City Co. Mastersbilt/Pro Power Monte Carlo.

Shane Tankersley of Morganton, GA finished 14th in the first consy driving
the Tankersley Motorsports Rocket/Custom Grand Prix and was the Lucas Oil
Rookie of the Event.

The next stop for the UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series will be this Friday night
finish up the 7th Annual Silver Cup Nationals 50 at Hagerstown Speedway
Hagerstown, MD. Then it's Atomic Motor Speedway in Knoxville, TN for a
two-day $20,000-to-win event on August 31-September 1.

The next UDTRA Dirty Thursday will air August 29 at 11 p.m. ET with action
from Crawford County Speedway in Denison, IA. For the complete UDTRA SPEED
Channel schedule and a direct feedback link, visit the UDTRA web site at


1. 15 1* Chub Frank Sugar Grove, PA Chev. 100 $15,150
2. 2 68 Tim Hitt Weston, WV Chev. 100 $7,500
3. 4 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Pont. 100 $4,000
4. 7 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR Ford 100 $3,000
5. 5 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Pont. 100 $2,800
6. 13 29 Darrell Lanigan Union, KY Ford 100 $1,800
7. 14 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Ford 100 $2,450
8. 1 28 Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI Chev. 100 $2,000
9. 8 1p Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Ford 100 $1,800
10. 3 7 Matt Miller Waterville, OH Pont. 100 $1,100
11. 6 1 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Dodge 100 $1,725
12. 23 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Chev. 99 $1,650
13. 19 114 Randle Chupp Mooresville, NC Pont. 99 $1,025
14. 21 32 Bob Pierce Oakwood, IL Chev. 98 $1,000
15. 24 00k Randy Korte Highland, IL Pont. 98 $1,600
16. 17 s9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI Chev. 94 $1,000
17. 12 10 Tony Traficant West Chester, OH Chev. 94 $1,000
18. 22 55 Jeep Van Wormer Picconing, MI Ford 94 $1,000
19. 18 89 Steve Barnett Franklin, IN Chev. 63 $1,000
20. 10 c9 Steve Casebolt Richmond, IN Ford 58 $1,000
21. 16 19 Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA Pont. 49 $1,000
22. 9 75 John Gill Mitchell, IN Pont. 48 $1,000
23. 20 18 Shannon Babb Decatur, IL Chev. 42 $1,000
24. 25 9 Ted Nobbe Batesville, IN Chev. 36 $1,000
25. 11 75h Bart Hartman Zanesville, OH Chev. 26 $1,000

PROVISIONALS: Smith (5) and Korte (8)
LAP LEADERS: Hitt, 1-61; Frank, 62-100
LAPS LED: Hitt, 61; Frank, 39
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS HARD CHARGER: Frank (Started 15th and Finished 1st)
HARDEE'S SHOOTOUT INVITEES: Traficant, Barnett, Casebolt, Rick Corbin,
Stuhler, and Rodney Combs (Promoter's Choice)


1 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR Rayburn Dickens Taurus 17.715 101.609
2 1P Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Rocket Eatmon Taurus 17.746 101.431
3 7m Matt Miller Waterville, OH Rocket Russell Baker Grand Prix 17.915
4 c9 Steve Casebolt Richmond, IN Rocket Dargie Taurus 17.932 100.379
5 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Rocket Custom Grand Prix 17.946 100.301
6 10t Tony Traficant West Chester, OH Rocket Cornett Monte Carlo 17.948
7 28m Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI Mastersbilt Pro Power Monte Carlo 17.981
8 68 Tim Hitt Weston, WV GRT Russell Baker Monte Carlo 17.983 100.095
9 83 Scott James Lawrenceburg, IN Warrior Dargie Monte Carlo 17.998 100.011
10 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Mastersbilt Pro Power Grand Prix 18.004
11 s9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI GRT Pro Power Monte Carlo 18.063 99.651
12 1 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Rocket Stanton Intrepid 18.082 99.547
13 29 Darrell Lanigan Union, KY Rocket Cornett Taurus 18.083 99.541
14 114 Randle Chupp Mooresville, NC Rocket Draime Grand Prix 18.131 99.277
15 75 John Gill Mitchell, IN Rocket Draime Grand Prix 18.132 99.272
16 9n Ted Nobbe Batesville, IN Rocket Zimmerman Monte Carlo 18.136 99.250
17 90s Gary Stuhler Greencastle, PA Rocket Leggett Monte Carlo 18.139 99.234
18 55 Jeep Van Wormer Picconning, MI Warrior Custom Mustang 18.164 99.097
19 1r Jerry Rice Verona, KY Rocket Draime Monte Carlo 18.168 99.075
20 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Rocket Cornett Taurus 18.178 99.021
21 1* Chub Frank Sugar Grove, PA Rocket Draime Monte Carlo 18.199 98.907
22 19 Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA Rocket Leggett Grand Prix 18.200 98.901
23 75h Bart Hartman Zanesville, OH Rocket BAH Monte Carlo 18.204 98.879
24 12w Roger Williams Walton, KY GRT Dargie Monte Carlo 18.222 98.782
25 32p Bob Pierce Oakwood, IL Rayburn Pro Power Monte Carlo 18.234 98.717
26 12 Rick Aukland Zanesville, OH Rocket Malcuit Grand Prix 18.245 98.657
27 18L Steve Landrum Erlanger, KY Rocket Custom Grand Prix 18.245 98.657
28 28c Kevin Claycomb Vincennes, IN Mastersbilt K-Motion Monte Carlo 18.250
29 9c Rick Corbin Independence, KY Mastersbilt Weatherall Monte Carlo 18.251
30 89b Steve Barnett Franklin, IN GRT K-Motion Monte Carlo 18.266 98.544
31 00k Randy Korte Highland, IL Rocket Pro Power Grand Prix 18.269 98.528
32 21L Ivedent Lloyd Ocala, FL GRT Clements Grand Prix 18.279 98.474
33 71 Don O'Neal Martinsville, IN Rayburn Pro Power Monte Carlo 18.282
34 18 Shannon Babb Decatur, IL Mastersbilt Pro Power Monte Carlo 18.287
35 E1 Mike Balzano Parkersburg, WV Rocket Russell Baker Monte Carlo 18.295
36 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC Mastersbilt Cornett Taurus 18.298 98.371
37 78a Jeff Alsup Walton, KY Mastersbilt Tri-Star Taurus 18.300 98.361
38 32m Darren Miller Chadwick, IL Mastersbilt Pro Power Monte Carlo 18.317
39 71r Rod Conley Wheelersburg, OH Rocket Draime Monte Carlo 18.331 98.194
40 32g Greg Lucas Whitesburg, KY Rocket Stanton Intrepid 18.364 98.018
41 99 Donnie Moran Dresden, OH Rayburn Fisher Monte Carlo 18.479 97.408
42 17 Duane Chamberlain Richmond, IN Warrior D&D Monte Carlo 18.485 97.376
43 1s Aaron Scott Newark, OH Rocket Hampshire Monte Carlo 18.555 97.009
44 30 Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV Rocket Malcuit Monte Carlo 18.563 96.967
45 T31 Shane Tankersley (R) Morgonton, GA Rocket Custom Grand Prix 18.564
46 15 Rodney Combs Fort Myers, FL Warrior Waggs Grand Prix 18.587 96.842
47 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Warrior Custom Monte Carlo 18.614 96.701
48 7g Brandon Green Walton, KY Rayburn Rayburn Monte Carlo 18.621 96.665
49 1j John Holt Independence, KY Rocket Gaerte Grand Prix 18.687 96.324
50 5u Dan Hoard Union, KY Warrior Dargie Monte Carlo 18.716 96.174
51 201 Billy Ogle Jr. (R) Knoxville, TN GRT Clements Monte Carlo 18.829
52 2 Stan Freeman Burlington, KY Mastersbilt Zimmerman Monte Carlo 18.832
53 33L Jesse James Lay Walton, KY Rocket Dargie Monte Carlo 18.881 95.334
54 F97 Red Farmer Hueytown, AL Predator Sheppard Mustang 18.890 95.289
55 29s Doug Smith Somerset, KY Mastersbilt Bullock Monte Carlo 19.799 90.914

HEAT RACES (10-Laps - Top 3 Finishers Transfer To Main Event):

1ST HEAT: 1. Mars; 2. Moyer; 3. Lanigan; 4. Pierce; 5. Rice; 6. Korte;
Scott; 8. Alsup; 9. Holt; 10. D. Smith.

2ND HEAT: 1. Hitt; 2. Pearson; 3. Eckert; 4. Chupp; 5. Aukland; 6. D.
Miller; 7. Lloyd; 8. Shaver; 9. Hoard.

3RD HEAT: 1. M. Miller; 2. Gill; 3. Frank; 4. O'Neal; 5. Conley; 6. James;
7. Landrum; 8. Ogle (R); 9. Tankersley (R).

4TH HEAT: 1. Birkhofer; 2. Casebolt; 3. Johnson; 4. Babb; 5. Nobbe; 6.
Claycomb; 7. Lucas; 8. Combs; 9. Freeman.

JE PISTONS 5TH HEAT: 1. McDowell; 2. Hartman; 3. Schlieper; 4. Corbin;
Stuhler; 6. F. Smith; 7. Balzano; 8. Moran; 9. Lay.

SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE 6TH HEAT: 1. Francis; 2. Traficant; 3. Barnett;
Van Wormer; 5. Williams; 6. Green; 7. Farmer; 8. Chamberlain; 9. Cook.

POLARIS ATVs 10-LAP CONSOLATION RACES (Top 2 Finishers Transfer To Main

1ST CONSY: 1. Chupp; 2. Pierce; 3. Rice; 4. O'Neal; 5. Aukland; 6. Conley;
7. James; 8. Korte; 9. D. Miller; 10. Scott; 11. Lloyd; 12. Shaver; 13.
Landrum; 14. Tankersley (R); 15. Ogle (R); 16. Hoard; 17. Alsup; 18. D.
Smith; 19. Holt.

2ND CONSY: 1. Babb; 2. Van Wormer; 3. Nobbe; 4. Corbin; 5. Stuhler; 6.
Smith; 7. Williams; 8. Lucas; 9. Combs; 10. Moran; 11. Lay; 12. Chamberlain;
13. Freeman; 14. Green.


1. Rick Eckert - 5204
2. Steve Francis - 5063
3. Dale McDowell - 5056
4. Jimmy Mars - 4955
5. Earl Pearson Jr. - 4470
6. Freddy Smith - 4301
7. Randy Korte - 3956
8. Ray Cook - 3447
9. Donnie Moran - 3415
10. Billy Ogle Jr. (R) - 3396
11. Brian Birkhofer - 3374
12. Shane Tankersley (R) - 3247
13. Billy Moyer - 2542
14. Mark Kraus (R) - 2417
15. Dan Schlieper - 2344
16. Rick Aukland - 2113
17. Scott Bloomquist - 2036
18. Randle Chupp - 1963
19. John Anderson (R) - 1962
20. Matt Miller - 1731

R - Denotes Lucas Oil Rookie of the Year Candidate

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