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Author Topic:   Wallace wins first Show-Me 100 title
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posted May 26, 2002 09:38 AM
Wallace wins first Show-Me 100 title

by: By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- Wendell Wallace won the 10th Annual Show-Me 100 Saturday at the West Plains Motor Speedway. Wallace has made every race since it's inception in 1993, but had yet to pick up a win. Wallace led every lap after starting on the pole, and was never seriously challenged by any competitor. Wallace left the West Plains Motor Speedway $36,000 richer after picking up the win.

Wallace held the pole, with Steve Russell to his outside. Russell fell back in the field as soon as the green flag came out. Terry Phillips moved to second, with Dan Schlieper, Ronnie Johnson, and Raymond Merrill dropping in behind. Johnson bested Sclieper for third in turn four on the second lap, while Wallace was pacing the field by 10 carlenghts by lap five.

Freddy Smith moved to fifth on lap six, while Wallace was looking at back markers by lap 10. While Wallace started to negotiate traffic, Johnson passed Phillips for the second spot in turn four on lap 13. Smith took over the fourth spot, past Schlieper in turn two on lap 18.

Wallace's blistering pace was being slowed by heavy traffic, and Johnson had closed to within 10 carlengths by lap 22. Wallace's traffic woes were aided by Dan Schlieper's misfortune. Schlieper had a tire go flat, and he pulled up in turn two, stopping the race on lap 24. Schlieper gave up a top five spot, pitted for rubber, and returned to the race.

Freddy Smith drove by Terry Phillips for the third spot in turn four on lap 26. Dale McDowell took over the fifth spot on lap 27, coming from the 10th row inside, then passed Phillips for fourth in turn four on lap 32.

Wallace had built a comfortable lead, but faced five slower cars racing for position on lap 35. Once again, Ronnie Johnson used that opportunity to close in on Wallace. The caution flag waved one again on lap 39 as a tire marking the inside of the track had gotten kicked out onto the racing surface. Once the tire had been returned to it's spot, the race was restarted.

Bob Pierce also moved up quickly, sharing the 10th row starting position with McDowell. Phillips dueled with Terry Phillips for the fifth spot, then took the position in turn four on lap 41. McDowell and Smith raced side by side on lap 43 and 44. McDowell slipped past Smith for the spot in turn four on lap 45.

Wallace had caught the rear of the field again by lap 50, but this time was able to expand his lead working the traffic, holding a half straightaway advantage on Ronnie Johnson. Five cars were racing two and three wide on lap 55 however, once again slowing Wallace's pace.

Wallace wasn't the only one loosing an advantage in traffic. McDowell caught Johnson for second, and Pierce had closed on Smith for the fourth spot. Pierce worked his way past Smith for fourth in turn two on lap 67, then McDowell achieved second two laps later in turn four.

Wallace had cleared his hurdles by lap 70, and had two lapped cars between himself and McDowell. Pierce and Johnson ran side by side on lap 74, while Wallace had opened a half straightaway lead on the field.

While the cautions had been kind to Wallace earlier, and lap 76 yellow flag for debris wiped out his margin, place his former teammate, McDowell on his back bumper for the restart.

Wallace had what it took however, pulling out to a 10 carlength advantage by lap 80. Wallace had pushed back out to a half straightaway lead on McDowell by lap 83, but was back in traffic again by lap 88.

Skip Arp had worked from row eight to fifth spot by lap 89, then passed Johnson for fourth on the next circuit. Scott Bloomquist had an outstanding run, coming from row 11 to take the fifth spot by lap 95.

Wendell Wallace came home with the half straightaway win, with Dale McDowell, Bob Pierce, Skip Arp, and Scott Bloomquist making up the top five. John Gill, Freddy Smith, Ronnie Johnson, Ray Cook, and Mike Bowers rounded out the top ten.

Jack Sullivan of Greenbriar, Arkansas won the 25 Lap Modified Feature event, worth $1,000. Sullivan was patient on a very slick track, coming from row three to take the win.

Sullivan took advantage of Greg Hughes and Billy Romans contact on lap 10 to make his way to fourth. Sullivan worked past Jason Wilkey for third on lap 15, then past Tony Anglin for second three laps later. Sullivan ran down, and passed Kevin Salter for the lead on the outside in turn four on lap 21. Sullivan drove off to a 10 carlength win, with Kevin Salter, Tony Anglin, Greg Hughes, and Billy Romans rounding out the top five.


Entries: 89
Top Qualifier: Dale McDowell 14.969
Time Provisional: Bill Frye
Lap Leader: Wendell Wallace 1-100
Cautions: 3

A FEATURE (100 Laps)

1) Wendell Wallace, $36,000
2) Dale McDowell, $18,900
3) Bob Pierce, $13,000
4) Skip Arp, $8,500
5) Scott Bloomquist, $7,500
6) John Gill, $6,500
7) Freddy Smith, $6,000
8) Ronnie Johnson, $5,500
9) Ray Cook, $5,000
10) Mike Bowers, $4,600
11) Bill Frye, $4,500
12) Terry Phillips, $4,400
13) Jimmy Mars, $4,300
14) Jeff Floyd, $4,200
15) Steve Francis, $4,100
16) Marshall Green, $4,000
17) Raymond Merrill, $3,950
18) Randle Chupp, $3,900
19) Jeff Taylor, $3,850
20) Dan Schlieper, $3,800
21) Donnie Barnhart, $3,750
22) Kevin Claycomb, $3,700
23) Jerry Buck, $3,650
24) **** Phillips, $3,600
25) Steve Russell, $3,600


1) Dale McDowell-14.969
2) Bob Pierce-15.104
3) Terry Phillips-15.167
4) Bill Frye-15.282
5) Jeff Taylor-15.293
6) John Gill-15.345
7) Wendell Wallace-15.370
8) Skip Arp-15.385
9) Freddy Smith-15.395
10) Steve Rushin-15.422
11) Randle Chupp-15.422
12) Don O'Neal-15.458
13) Jeff Floyd-15.460
14) Marshall Green-15.477
15) David Smith-15.485
16) Randy Korte-15.492
17) Rick Eckert-15.493
18) Ray Cook-15.494
19) Joe Kosiski-15.500
20) **** Phillips-15.508
21) Steve Francis-15.527
22) Kevin Claycomb-15.530
23) Scott Drake-15.533
24) Ronnie Johnson-15.552
25) Kerry Hanson-15.555
26) Peyton Taylor-15.557
27) Bobby Foster-15.567
28) Mike Bowers-15.573
29) Raymond Merrill-15.580
30) Jerry Buck-15.582
31) Billy Ogle Jr.-15.593
32) Steve Russell-15.593
33) Billy Faust-15.600
34) Dan Schlieper-15.602
35) Jimmy Mars-15.605
36) Robert Utz-15.618
37) Mike Boland-15.625
38) Dan Leatherman-15.640
39) Dewaine Hottinger-15.648
40) Leslie Essary-15.665
41) Al Purkey-15.682
42) Brandon Ball-15.702
43) Donnie Barnhart-15.703
44) Rick Rickman-15.711
45) Richard Foster-15.718
46) Johnny Johnson-15.730
47) Doug McCammon-15.740
48) Jason Snodgrass-15.743
49) Shannon Babb-15.743
50) Shane Harris-15.747
51) James Huff-15.772
52) Billy Drake-15.780
53) Eddie Rickman-15.785
54) Gary Stolba-15.796
55) James Cline-15.800
56) Stacy Taylor-15.803
57) Brad Looney-15.808
58) Joey Izzo-15.812
59) Noland Smith-15.833
60) John Pafford-15.848
61) Stan Amacher-15.855
62) Billy Moyer-15.857
63) Melvin Smith-15.857
64) David Gibson-15.896
65) Jimmy Greenway-15.901
66) Kevin Weaver-15.901
67) Rex McCroskey-15.907
68) Richie Tosh-15.930
69) Brian Birkhofer-15.935
70) Rick Aukland-15.935
71) Aarnon Seabaugh-15.968
72) Billy James-15.970
73) Dabs Potts-16.008
74) Brian Holliway-16.012
75) Shane Diamant-16.022
76) Stacy Caldwell-16.028
77) John Anderson-16.030
78) Andy May-16.040
79) Marcus Minga-16.063
80) Dennis Franklin-16.090
81) Todd Hall-16.144
82) David Munns-16.197
83) Buzz Miles-16.204
84) Dean Carpenter-16.318
85) Jeep Van Wormer-16.382
86) Bob Fennewald-16.395
87) Scott Bloomquist-16.619
88) Carey Conaway-16.740
89) Joey Mack-16.774

1st Heat (20 Laps, three transfer) 1) Wendell Wallace, Batesville AR 2) Jeff Floyd, Walnut Ridge AR 3) Donnie Barnhart, North Little Rock AR 4) Dale McDowell, Rossville GA 5) Mike Boland, Cuba AL 6) Joe Kosiski, Omaha NE 7) Jeep Vanwormer, Pinconning MI 8) Billy Ogle Jr., Knoxville TN 9) Stan Amacher, Tullahoma AL 10) James Cline, Oxford AL 11) Rex McCroskey, Springfield MO 12) Marcus Minga, Shannon MS 13) Kerry Hanson, Spencer WI 14) Shannon Babb, Moweaqua IL 15) Dabs Potts, Highlands NC

2nd Heat 1) Steve Russell, Pontotoc MS 2) **** Phillips, Scipio IN 3) Skip Arp, Georgetown TN 4) Bob Pierce, Oakwood IL 5) Marshall Green, White GA 6) Peyton Taylor, Batesville AR 7) Billy Moyer, Batesville AR 8) Stacy Taylor, Jacksonville AR 9) Richie Tosh, Salado AR 10) Dan Leatherman, Muskogee OK 11) Rick Rickman, Columbus MS 12) Shane Harris, Sheridan AR 13) Brian Holliway, Sheridan AR 14) Dennis Franklin, Gaffney SC 15) Bob Fennewald, Butler MO

3rd Heat 1) Terry Phillips, Springfield MO 2) Freddy Smith, Knoxville TN 3) Steve Francis, Ashland KY 4) Scott Bloomquist, Moorseburg TN 5) Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine IA 6) Billy Faust, Lebanon IL 7) David Smith, Inman SC 8) Bobby Foster, Pontiac IL 9) Richard Foster, Holts Summit MO 10) Dewaine Hottinger, Russellville AR 11) Shane Diamant, North Little Rock AR 12) Brad Looney, Republic MO 13) Melvin Smith, Buffalo MO 14) Todd Hall, Charleston MO 15) James Huff, Milton KY

4th Heat 1) Dan Schlieper, Peewauke WI 2) Mike Bowers, North Little Rock AR 3) Kevin Claycomb, Vincennes IN 4) Randy Korte, Highland IL 5) Leslie Essary, Crane MO 6) Johnny Johnson, West Burlington IA 7) Rick Aukland, Zanesville OH 8) Steve Rushin, Poplar Bluff MO 9) Bill Frye, Greenbriar AR 10) Billy Drake, Bloomington IL 11) Joey Izzo, LaSalle IL 12) David Gibson, Ash Flat AR 13) Stacy Caldwell, Nettleton MS 14) Carey Conaway, Jonesboro AR 15) David Munns, Memphis TN

5th Heat 1) Raymond Merrill, Sallisaw OK 2) Jimmy Mars, Elk Mound WI 3) Jeff Taylor, Batesville AR 4) Randle Chupp, Knoxville TN 5) Doug McCammon, Palestine IL 6) Rick Eckert, York PA 7) Al Purkey, Coffeyville KS 8) John Anderson, Omaha NE 9) Scott Drake, Webb City MO 10) Jimmy Greenway, Galena MO 11) Eddie Rickman, Columbus MS 12) Joey Mack, Benton MO 13) Buzz Miles, Terry MS 14) Aaron Seabaugh, Freeman MO 15) Noland Smith, Muscle Shoals AL

6th Heat 1) Ronnie Johnson, Chattanooga TN 2) Ray Cook, Brasstown NC 3) Jerry Buck, Paragould AR 4) Don O'Neal, Martinsville IN 5) John Gill, Mitchell IN 6) Kevin Weaver, Gibson City IL 7) Jason Snodgrass, Mountain Home AR 8) Gary Stolba, Willow Springs MO 9) Brandon Ball, West Plains MO 10) John Pafford, Germantown TN 11) Billy James, Sikeston MO 12) Dean Carpenter, Coldwater MS 13) Andy May, Newport AR 14) Robert Utz, Kosciusko MS

1st Last Chance Qualifier (20 Laps, two transfer) 1) Dale McDowell 2) John Gill 3) Don O'Neal 4) Rick Eckert 5) Billy Moyer 6) Bill Frye 7) Leslie Essary 8) Steve Rushin 9) Gary Stolba 10) David Smith 11) Richard Foster 12) Rex McCroskey 13) Shane Harris 14) James Cline 15) Dan Leatherman 16) Dennis Franklin 17) Stacy Caldwell 18) Rick Rickman 19) Kerry Hanson 20) Billy Faust 21) Robert Utz 22) David Munns

2nd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Bob Pierce 2) Marshall Green 3) Randy Korte 4) Doug McCammon 5) Joe Kosiski 6) Rick Aukland 7) Johnny Johnson 8) Stacy Taylor 9) Al Purkey 10) Scott Drake 11) Dewaine Hottinger 12) Bobby Foster 13) Todd Hall 14) Stan Amacher 15) Brad Looney 16) John Pafford 17) Eddie Rickman 18) Melvin Smith 19) Andy May 20) Dean Carpenter 21) Billy James 22) Bob Fennewald 23) Noland Smith

3rd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Scott Bloomquist 2) Randle Chupp 3) Mike Boland 4) Brian Birkhofer 5) Kevin Weaver 6) Peyton Taylor 7) Jason Snodgrass 8) John Anderson 9) Billy Ogle Jr. 10) Jeep Vanwormer 11) Billy Drake 12) Richie Tosh 13) David Gibson 14) Brandon Ball 15) Brian Holliway 16) Joey Izzo 17) Joey Mack 18) Shane Diamant 19) Carey Conaway 20) Jimmy Greenway 21) Aaron Seabaugh 22) Buzz Miles 23) Dabs Potts

Manufacturer's Dash (8 Laps)

1) Dale McDowell, Rocket
2) Freddy Smith, Warrior
3) Bob Pierce, C.J. Rayburn
4) Ray Cook, MasterSbilt
5) Jeff Taylor, Larry Shaw
6) Terry Phillips, GRT

Past Champions Race (15 Laps)

1) Rick Aukland, 1997
2) Ray Cook, 2000
3) Freddy Smith, 1998, 2001
4) Scott Bloomquist, 1995
5) Terry Phillips, 1999
6) Billy Moyer, 1993, 1994, 1996


1st Heat (8 Laps) 1) Billy Romans 2) Jason Wilkey 3) Jason Hughes 4) Kevin Collins 5) Jimmie Leonard 6) Josh Hughes 7) Jason Leatherman

2nd Heat 1) Jack Sullivan 2) Kevin Salter 3) Philip Forbush 4) Jason Meadors 5) Jeff Davis 6) Carmon Vincent 7) Don Marsh

3rd Heat 1) Tony Anglin 2) Bill Adams 3) Marlin Shehorn 4) Bobby Bryant 5) Rex Merritt 6) Danny Peterson 7) John Blann

4th Heat 1) Greg Hughes 2) Dustin Billingsley 3) Scott Drake 4) Brandon Smith 5) Shawn Walsh 6) Joe Giesler 7) John Pafford

Last Chance Qualifier (8 Laps, four transfer) 1) Joe Giesler 2) Scotty Vaught 3) Danny Peterson 4) Jason Leatherman 5) Don Marsh 6) Josh Hughes 7) John Pafford 8) John Blann 9) Carmon Vincent

A Feature (25 Laps) 1) Jack Sullivan 2) Kevin Salter 3) Tony Anglin 4) Greg Hughes 5) Billy Romans 6) Jason Wilkey 7) Brandon Smith 8) Dustin Billingsley 9) Shawn Walsh 10) Jason Hughes 11) Scott Drake 12) Bill Adams 13) Jason Meadors 14) Rex Merritt 15) Kevin Collins 16) Marlin Shehorn 17) Bobby Bryant 18) Jeff Davis 19) Scotty Vaught 20) Jason Leatherman 21) Philip Forbush 22) Joe Giesler 23) Danny Peterson 24) Jimmy Leonard

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posted May 26, 2002 09:53 AM
Great Report snapshot. Thanks. Congrats to Wendell Wallace and crew.

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posted May 26, 2002 02:58 PM
great report, i've been trying to get in to 4m all day to see who won. i guess i'll be using the Dirt Forum more often.

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