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Author Topic:   Hommell takes Southern-All-Star win at Tazewell Speedway 4-13-02
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posted April 14, 2002 08:05 PM UIN: 16262997
Hommell takes Southern-All-Star win at Tazewell Speedway 4-13-02

Duayne Hommell from Newport, TN set fast time in the Miller Brothers Coal,
Hommell Construction, Warrior racecars, Pro Power Race Engines turning the
high banks of the Taz in 11.482. But in was Billy Olge Jr. that led the
first 31 laps. Scott Sexton with no qualifying time due to a fuel problem
started 19th and was putting on a driving expedition to finish 2nd to Hommell.
Lap 2 Hommell got loose and Clint Smith got into Hommell, bending in the
rear quarter panel of Hommell's car. Lap 4 Ogle and Hommell got in to the
back of Bobby Hallrum. Ogle's nosepiece got tore loose and track official
pulled in back down with bungee straps. While another car got in to the
side of Sexton. On the restart it was still Ogle, Hommell, Smith, Jimmy
Owens, and John Llewelyn the top five.

Lap 6 Tommy Kerr, Bo Shirley, Terrence Nowell, and Stacy Boles got together
and spun coming off turn 4. Boles went to the pits on the hook. The restart
the top 3 stayed the same with Llewlyn and Owens swapping 4th and 5th place.
Sexton took over 12th place on lap 7 up from 19th place. Lap 12 the cars
were 4 wide coming off turn 4, several times cars were 3 wide in the corners.
Sexton in his drive to the front moved in to the top 10 on lap 15, when
a caution came out for Nowell in turn 4. Ronnie Johnson took over 5th place
on the restart. Lap 17Chris Madden and Owens got in to another car on the
backstretch. Lap 29 Johnson took over 4th place.

Lap 31 Hommell moved to the high side of the track above Ogle in turn 4
and pulled away. Ogle had a tire going down and has to pit on lap 35, when
the caution came out for Owen in turn 2. Sexton driving on the ragged edge
moved up in to the fifth place. Lap 36 Sexton passed Llewelyn for 4th place.
Lap 51 the caution flew again for debris on the track. On the restart it
was Hommell, Smith, Johnson, Sexton, Llewelyn. With Llewelyn moving below
Sexton trying to take back 4th place. Lap 55 Rex Richey let them know he
was in the show taking 5th from Llewelyn, then 4th place, only to have a
tire go down on lap 64. Johnson while running 2nd lost a right rear hub
and wheel in turn 2. Moving Sexton in to 2nd place behind Hommell. Brian
Hendrix took over 4th place, only to have a tire go down. Restart of lap
66 it was Sexton looking at the rear of Hommell car, followed by Llewelyn
in 3rd Owens in 4th and Jay Brinkley in 5th place. On the restart of lap
66 Brinkley tried the low side of Owens. With the laps winding down Mike
Head moved in to the top 5. Lap 72 Owens bettered him self by taking over
3rd place.

1. Duayne Hommell
2. Scott Sexton
3. Jimmy Owens
4. John Llewelyn
5. Mike Head
6. Jay Brinkley
7. Bo Shirley
8. Terrence Nowell
9. David Crabtree
10. Rex Rickey
11. Brian Hendrix
12. Billy Ogle Jr.
13. Lamarr Haygood
14. Dewayne Aldridge
15. Ronnie Johnson
16. Clint Smith
17. Tommy Kerr
18. Troy Eads
19. Chris Madden
20. Steve Rouse
21. Stacy Boles
22. Carlos Campbell
23. Bobby Hallrum

Limited Late Models:

It was brother against brother, as Dale and Greg Huskey started on the front
row. It was Dale beating brother Greg in to the first turn, followed by
Clyde Stanton, David Gamble, Gary Willis, Scott Garder, Leonard Bray, Shelby
Wilson, and Richie Bean.

Lap 7 D. Huskey got together with R. Bean. Brother G. Huskey got by D. Huskey
and Stanton took the led. On the restart it was Stanton, D. Huskey, G. Huskey,
Gary Willis, Garder the top 5. Lap 15 and David Gamble passed Garder and
Willis for the 4th place. G. Huskey lost the handle on his car on lap 18
and dropped out of the top 5. Lap 23 Bray and Garder got together in turn
4 and Bray spun. On the restart it was still Stanton out front followed
by D. Huskey, Garder, Willis, Gambel the top 5. Lap 23 D. Huskey put the
nose of his car under Stanton and on lap 25 D. Huskey took the led from

Dale Huskey from Knoxville, TN. driving the Race Car Bodies by Huskey went
on to take the win over Stanton.

1. Dale Huskey
2. Clyde Stanton
3. Gary Willis
4. David Gamble
5. Scott Garder
6. Greg Huskey
7. Leonard Bray
8. Shelby Wilson
9. Richie Bean
10. Chris Brooks

Modified Street:

It was Anthony Morgan from Morristown, TN. picking up were he left off last
year taking the win. It was C. C. Wilson taking the led on the first lap.
On lap 2 Wilson got in to the back stretch wall and Morgan and Alan Holt
got by for 1st and 2nd place. Lap 7 Jason Long took over the 3rd place and
Tony Horton getting 4th place. Lap 10 Jared Dickey spun on the front stretch
and 2 cars split him one going low and the other high. Lap 21 Horton passed
Long for the 3rd place. Coming around turn 3 and 4 for the checked flag
it looked like Horton had blown a radiator hose, but he held off Long for
3rd place.

1. Anthony Morgan
2. Alan Holt
3. Tony Horton
4. Jason Long
5. Jared Dickey
6. Jake Stallings
7. C. C. Wilson
8. Dustin McMurray

Pure Street:

It was Bobby Bean from Tazewell, TN driving the Burger King, Monte Carlo
taking the led from the from row and leading all the laps. Despite challenges
from Jesse Hoover, Mike Bright and Eddie Younce on his bumper and a long

1. Bobby Bean
2. Mike Bright
3. Eddie Younce
4. Gary Dobbs
5. Jody Horton
6. Gary Harville
7. Michael Daniels
8. Jack England
9. Chuck Phelps
10. Chuck Thode
11. Chester Jarrigan
12. Jesse Hoover
13. Bobby Moore
14. Bo Hall
15. Ronnie Gray

Four Cly.

Brad Albright was another one picking up were he left last year. Winning
the first four Cly. Feature of 2002.

1. Brad Albright
2. Jack Courney
3. Randy Helton
4. Danny Yoder Jr.
5. Tim Collins
6. Richie Phillips
7. Phillip Gerding
8. James Parrott
9. Brad Parrott
10. James Parrott

Tazewell Speedway will be open again next Saturday night with racing in
all divisions.

Jayme Van
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posted April 15, 2002 08:39 PM
Does anyone know if hommel has been driving that leaf car to these two SAS wins in a row?

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