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Author Topic:   Duayne Hommell Green with S.A.S. Shamrock Win
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posted March 18, 2002 01:05 AM UIN: 16262997
Duayne Hommell Green with S.A.S. Shamrock Win

Despite the threatening advances from Mothernature over the weekend the 7th
annual Southern All-Star Shamrock race went off without a hitch Saturday
afternoon, to open up the special 25th Anniversary season of the Cleveland
Speedway. As the 5PM race time rolled around 52 Super Late Models signed in
for battle in attempt to make the 24 car starting grid for the $5,000 to win
60 lap "Sonya's Used Cars" sponsored race.

As the 3rd qualifier of the event, 2000 Gobbler Champion, Patrick Duggan
of Lenior City TN set the standard early burning a 14:360 second lap around
the TN Valley dirt oval. Local racer Lamar Scoggins of Cleveland came up
with a good lap two cars later clocking a 14:568 second lap. It was 9th
overall qualifier Duayne Hommell of Newport TN in the "Miller Bros. Coal
Inc., Smooth Cut Lawn Care, Turner Body Shop, Hommell Construction & Ready
Mix" Warrior Chevrolet Monte Carlo turning a 14:113 lap time that the other
41 racers would be chasing down. Former DTWC and newest Cleveland Speedway
Racing School instructor Marshall Green of Dalton GA hit second fastest
overall qualifier pedaling a fast 14:134 second lap. Gerogetown's Skip Arp
piloting one of his 2001 GRT racecars for "Team Tinker" qualified 3rd fast
just in front of the boss local hotshoe (aka. The Lawman) Mike Tinker of
Ringgold GA. Three time S.A.S. champion Clint Smith of Senoia GA clocked his
machine as 5th fastest overall qualifier.

Two "Last Chance" "B" Mains were set next to determine the remainder of
the 24 car starting field. Jeff Weber lined up against fellow Georgian
Russell Thomas of Blue Ridge. Weber put up a good effort for the first
circuit until he faltered in turn 2 stacking the field behind him. Thomas
restarted the field with Brian Hickman, Tommy Kerr, Kent Hicks and Doug
English following. Hicks, a local racer from Cleveland began showing his
Rocket muscle passing Kerr for 3rd then setting his sights on Hickman's
transfer position. Ricky Williams then entered the top 5 as the laps wound
down. Hicks waited until the final lap to move by Hickman for the transfer
spot as Russell took the checkers. Hickman, Williams and Kerr finished 3rd
thru 5th. Stacy Holmes, English, Rodney Martin, Bear Patterson and Terrance
Nowell rounded out the top ten.

The second "Last Chance" "B" Main it was the classic confrontation between
two TN Valley Superstars. John Jones and Rex Richey both of Ringgold GA set
the pace for the next 10 laps. It was Jones taking the lead with Richey
following closely. On lap 2 local racer Kevin Gill of Ooltewah and Mike
Collins collided sending Gill's machine crashing hard into the concrete
wall. Davy Davis and former track champion Rick Hixson also got together
ending their hopes of making the "A" Main. As the checkers flew it was Jones
and Richey transferring in the top 2 spots with, Alabamians Skip Freeman and
Keith Hays following. Chuck Southard rounded out the top five with, Jay
Brinkley, Chris Beavers, Joe Kosiski, Mid Durham and Hixson rounding out
positions six thru ten. The two S.A.S. series provisional starters were Jay
Brinkley of Shelbyville TN and John Llewellyn of Knoxville who borrowed a
racecar for the race.

It was now time for the "A" Main Shamrock Race despite it being only 8PM
EST. After a brief driver introduction and interview session Hommell and
Green paced the field. As the green flag whirled Hommell and Green drag
raced down the straight away swapping the inside and outside lines. Laps 1 &
2 were slowed as cautions waved over the field. First for Ricky Holland of
Ooltewah as he tangled with Mark Mears in turn 4. The incident collected "B"
Main winner Thomas, Llewellyn and Hicks, though only ending the night for
Holland who suffered heavy front end damage. The lap 2 caution waved for
Hicks and David Payne of Murphy NC who tangled in turn 2. The restart
showed an interesting battle as 6th fastest qualifier Mike Head of Ellenwood
GA passed Smith for 5th place. Smith would get back by Head the next
circuit, unfortunately Head's good run would be tarnished a few laps later
when he spun solo in turn 4. On the restart Hommell still was able to pull
away from Green and the field. Smith and Arp began battling for 3rd after
Smith got past Tinker in 4th. Fan favorite John Jones' night ended on the
front stretch after a separate incident that tangle Thomas, Payne and Head
in turn 1. It was now Smith on the move, pressuring Green for 2nd. On lap
28, Smith found the ground to make the pass as the left rear tire went down
on Green's machine. Smith would only hold the #2 spot for three laps as a
possible broken shock sidelined the hard charger for the rest of the race.
Arp was now in the #2 spot with Tinker, Mark Mears of Decatur AL and 2000
S.A.S. RoY Paul Tims of Georgetown in the top 5. Kentuckian Brandon Kinzer
power slid into turn 1, colliding hard with Chris Madden of SC and Hicks for
some excitement. Just past the halfway point Richey headed to the pits with
a flat slowing the field again. Problems began at lap 35 for Tims in 5th as
16 year old Todd Morrow of Old Fort TN worked past. Lamar Scoggins would
also get by Tims bringing with him Green (fresh with new shoes) towards the
front of the pack. Fans began to realize it was to be Hommell's night to
shine and that the rains might be closer than expected. As the white flag
unfurled Hommell completed his first Cleveland Speedway flag to flag victory
one lap later, sweeping the events of the Shamrock event. Donning the
Shamrock winners attire after climbing out his black and red #H2 racecar
Hommell reveled in his victory. "We worked real hard until about 3AM this
morning, to get here tonight, and it's sure good to have it pay off." Stated
the winner from victory lane. Arp finished second, just in front of Team
Tinker co-owner Mike Tinker. "This is just great to be able to come here in
this car that was so good last year", stated Arp for the pit area. Last
years Shamrock Hommel and Arp battled for third. "These are some great cars
we've got from Skip, hopefully we'll be tough to beat this year." stated
Tinker regarding the teams two "goats" finishing in the top 3. The "Decatur
Raider" Mears and young 2001 Cleveland Speedway RoY, Morrow rounded out the
top five.

1. Dwayne Hommell (# H2) of Newport TN, Warrior, Monte Carlo
2. Skip Arp (# T21) of Georgetown TN, GRT, Monte Carlo
3. Mike Tinker (# T22) of Ringgold GA, GRT, Monte Carlo
4. Mark Mears (# 19) of Decatur AL, Rayburn, Monte Carlo
5. Todd Morrow (# T1) of Old Fort TN, Rocket, Mustang
6. Marshall Green (# 89) of Dalton GA, Rocket, Monte Carlo
7. Lamar Scoggins (# 32) of Cleveland TN, Rocket, Gran Prix
8. Mike Head (# 54) of Ellenwood GA, GRT, Monte Carlo
9. Rex Richey (# 87) of Ringgold GA, Rocket, Monte Carlo
10. Brandon Kinzer (# 18) of Allen KY, MasterSbilt, Taurus
11. Paul Tims (# 84) of Georgetown TN, GRT, Gran Prix
12. Lamar Haygood (# 17) of Douglasville GA, GRT, Monte Carlo
13. Bo Moorehouse (# 29) of Benton TN, GRT, Monte Carlo
14. Kent Hicks (# 1) of Cleveland TN, Rocket, Gran Prix
15. Chris Madden (# 6) of Gray Court SC, Rocket, Taurus
16. Clint Smith (# 44) of Senoia GA, GRT, Taurus
17. Shawn Chastain (# 15) of Murphy NC, GRT, Monte Carlo
18. Jay Brinkley (# 01) of Shelbyville TN, Barry Wright, Mustang
19. David Payne (# 8) of Murphy NC, GRT, Gran Prix
20. John Jones (# J1) of Ringgold GA, GRT, Monte Carlo
21. Russell Thomas (# 57) of Blue Ridge GA, GRT, Gran Prix
22. Patrick Duggan (# 15) of Lenior City TN, GRT, Gran Prix
23. John Llewellyn (# 42) of Knoxville TN, Rocket, Monte Carlo
24. Ricky Holland (# 42) of Ooltewah TN, Rocket, Gran Prix

Other Racing Action:

Claimer Late Models: Winner - Bobby Doss (# 28) of Cleveland TN
2.Don Jenkins (# 42), 3.Dennis Shaver (# D4), 4.Brian Burke (# B39),
5.Stephanie Yancy (# Y7)

Hobby: Winner - Shawn Reese (# 16) of Harrison TN
2. Doug Works (# 35), 3.Richard Dixon (# 3), 4.Chris Stewart (# 68),
5.Jim Twiggs (# 99)

Pony Stock: Winner - Jason Spraker (# 25) of Cleveland TN
2.Jimmy Brown (# 10), 3.Danny Burnette (# 4), 4.Donald Forgey (# 71),
5.Mike Truelove (# 55)

Street: Winner - Alex Nash (# 02) of Chattanooga TN
2.Herbert Chambers (# 31), 3.Roy Nichols (# 00), 4.Terry Graham (# 55),
5.Jeff King (# K1)

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