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Author Topic:   best late model driver?
mudcat #34
Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 11, 2002 12:28 PM UIN: 114549278
who is the best late model driver?I'd have to say Scott Bloomquist or Billy Moyer.

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 11, 2002 01:15 PM
I will have to say Dale McDowell,but I like them all...Anna E

Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 11, 2002 02:02 PM
Billy Moyer
Scott Bloomquist
Freddy Smith
Gary Webb

Those are my choices

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 11, 2002 03:53 PM
Well, that depends. If we are talking currently (based on this past season), the names that come to my mind are Chubb Frank, Rick Eckert, Don Oneal, and Scott Bloomquist.

If we are talking recent memory (the last 10 years or so), I'd say Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer, Freddy Smith, Donnie Moran, Steve Francis, and (because I'm biased ) Rick Aukland.

All the above are based on both consistency and wins.

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Tom Asmus
Dirt Freak

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posted February 07, 2002 08:25 PM
Scott Bloomquist!!!

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