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Author Topic:   Any news on where there going to run DTWC??????
big east
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posted July 22, 2001 09:55 PM
I thought I would drop by and ask if there is any info on where the Dirt Track World Championship is going to be, this is such a secret and there going to upset alot of people who set there vacations on this race.......there putting us race fans on the spot here!!!!!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 16, 2001 02:00 PM


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posted August 16, 2001 10:35 PM
Pennsboro....The Magic still Lives!!! I sure am glad it has returned to the track it belongs at!

Dirt Administrator

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posted August 17, 2001 04:06 AM UIN: 16262997
Check out the Upcoming events guys, info there.


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