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Author Topic:   Let's set the record straight!
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posted May 28, 2001 08:10 PM UIN: 16262997
I have had a few people on some other sites that have been bashing the forum because it doesn't allow drinking posts and other non-related dirt track posts. Lets set a few things straight here......

1)I am not against drinking, nor is the forum.

2)There is a time and a place for everything. The Dirt Forum is not a place to post about or glorify drinking. Personally, I do not believe that drinking should be allowed in the pits. I don't care if you drink moonshine in the stands, the pit is no place for a *****en driver or hauler driver. There is not a worse feeling in the world than when your on the track and a guy that has just finished a 12 pack is ahead of you and you have to try to pass him(seen it). There is not a worse enemy in the world than a ***** driver of a 40' tow trailer, or a ***** driver period. We at the forum don't feel that the forum is a place that should glorify or promote drinking in any way for our future drivers. There are many incidents and fights that have taken place in the pits because of crew members drinking and other people not directly involved with the teams over skirmishes. Allowing drinks in the pits allows people that can't accept the responsibility of drinking to drink and endanger everyone. You guys know there are a few out there.

3)The content of the forum needs to be clean enough so that our children can come and read this information in order to allow new drivers to have this forum for reference. This is the future of our sport. Look, our sport goes in one direction or the other. I love this sport and want to see it progress. The forum is a place for drivers and teams and fans to come talk, learn and participate in our sport without having to wade thru junk about Joes' sister having big boobs or whatever. Personally, my goal as a race car driver is to learn and prosper from what I learn. From the input of all the members on here, I am assuming that is exactly what they want. There are many other sites to talk about Joe's sister on, and I am sure they would love your traffic, if that is what you want to talk about. This site is about dirt track racing, nothing more, nothing less. It is very simple, if I can't let my 7 year old son read this post, then it shouldn't be on there.

4)Bashing and trashing of people, drivers, tracks and other people involved in this sport will also not be tolerated here. If you have raced, you know how hard the work is to just get a car ready for the track, the track promoters and other people in the sport work that hard or harder to get things ready for us to race. People(owners, promoters and drivers) don't always do the right things, but this shouldn't be the place to take care of that type of thing.

5)This site will continue to be moderated as it has been. We at The Dirt Forum feel it is in everyone's best interest to eliminate non-related posts that do not pertain to our sport. If you have a problem with our decision to keep drinking related posts off of the forum, then so be it, there are other sites that you can visit. But, we at The Dirt Forum are going to be learning and prospering otherwise.

6)The Dirt Forum has the greatest users on the net, everyone respects each other's opinions on here. I think it is great to see everyone actually get along. It makes people with basic questions more comfortable to ask them in our environment, that all you guys have created. I thank all you guys for making my moderating job very easy and for being the best users on the net. The Dirt Forum is the best forum on the net, simply because we have users like we have that are willing to help and contribute to our sport the way it should be. Thank You Everyone!

7) On our HRS modified BEFORE the forum was built, we had Budweiser sponsoring our team. When we started this forum last year, we had an opportunity to renew, but did not. We did not feel that it was in the best interest of the forum, nor our racing to be associated with them any longer. Our Dirt Forum modifieds are sponsored by Kinetic Performance and Cramac Oil and of course Custom Performance. People that have not a clue sometimes make rash judgements about things they don't know about. That is called ignorance. You know who you are.(Sorry everyone else.)

On a more personal note, the other forum that has been bashing us has users that are still posting here, and visiting daily, just keep that in mind when you read posts at other places. I have had several users keep me updated on what was said and so on. I appreciate everyone alerting me of the situation.

If anyone has any qualms with this, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Keep on dirt trackin, and have a blast!


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Red Dog
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posted May 29, 2001 08:39 PM
Does this mean I'll have to change my username?

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posted May 30, 2001 12:12 PM UIN: 16262997

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posted May 30, 2001 12:14 PM
Amen to that, Brother James. Very well said, and probably long overdue.

Bartender! Another round of Pepsi's for everyone! LOL!

Go fast, turn left, repeat as needed...

F4 Phantom
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posted May 30, 2001 03:26 PM
Well said.That is what will make this a great forum. I have nothing against drinking but I do not like to be around dr-nks
. And yes,I have seen drivers drinking in the pits before they race.

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