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Author Topic:   Help in Fla.
Danny Snow
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posted May 10, 2001 08:33 PM
Help!!! We need someone who will be a silent partner down here in Florida and buy a quarter mile track. I have watched this track fight for it's life for over twenty years. It's all ways the same ol same ol. Who ever opens it up for awhile, they put most of the money back in thier pockets instead of the track. It will take about a year just to haul it out of the nasty reputation the former "managers" have gotten it into.
I know for a fact it has the potential to make money with the right people. If I could afford to open that track, I garrentee I could make it work.

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posted May 11, 2001 04:40 PM UIN: 37620773
sounds like a lot of tracks..its a shame that good tracks have to get ran into the ground.

good luck

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