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Author Topic:   killer sbc 18 degree top end
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posted February 19, 2003 06:44 PM
killer SBC 18 Degree top end. The 18 Degree heads began life as GM Performance Parts casting number 10134363. They were fully ported and matched along with the fully ported Edelbrock 2950 intake that is also included in the auction by the reputable Diamond Racing Engines. The ports are HUGE! They are complete heads with all the trick parts like titanium valves, 10 Degree Titanium retainers, locks, etc. They have NEVER been cracked or welded. They are part numbered by DRE and PCW. They are in very good condition. The rockers are Jesel, are complete with stands, and are also included. The rockers are 1.6/1.65 ratio, not some worthless weird ratio and are complete with all hardware. The stands are even shimmed correctly as they were originally. The springs, Titanium retainers, and 10 degree locks are are Comp Cams which are installed at 240 lbs. seat pressure and are over a whopping 600 lbs. before .600" lift. The 2.125" valved intake runners were cc'd at 239cc, guaranteed, which is considerably larger than the as cast 210cc size. The chambers are cc'd at 45cc, and the decks are stamped that they have been milled only .010". We don't have any flow numbers on the heads and wouldn't believe them unless they were flowed by an independent shop anyways. The Diamond Racind Engines serial number stamped in the end of the heads is DRE 94437 and the PCW engine number is 710. The springs are good well over .700 lift, and the reason we listed the 600lb spring pressure at before .600" lift is because that is where they pegged our 600lb. max gauge. They also come with alluminum valve covers

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posted February 20, 2003 07:25 PM
I bought a used KSE pump from this guy last year and everything was in perfect shape and I received exactly everything as described.I did have one problem as I was trying to put it on the engine,so I called him and he told me exactly what to do.I have sold some parts over the computer and know how leery some people are.Since I had no problems I figured I could give some good feedback.

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