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Author Topic:   *NEW PARTS* S/B Chevy and S/B Ford
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posted December 13, 2001 10:13 AM
We have some special winter pricing right now ! Here is a list of examples !!

Crower Sportsman Rods for S/B 302 Ford or Chevy:
Chevy S/B 5.7"or6" Large or Small Journal $434.63
Ford 302 5.090",5.155",5.315" w/Ford journal size . Or the same lengths w/Chevy journal size . $434.63
Ford 2.3 5.7" 2.3 or Chevy journal size $224.80
SRP Flyweight Flat tops for 3.480" stroke w/any rod length for 5.7"-6.125" S/B Chevy $498.00 Includes Pins and Locks !!

SRP Flat Top for S/B Chevy, any bore size 4.020"-4.165" ,Using any stroke 3.480"-3.832" and rod length 5.7"-6" $452.00

SRP High Compression Domed for S/B Chevy using any bore size from 4.020"-4.165" , w/ stroke of 3.250,3.480,3.750 , and rod length of 5.7" - 6" $500.00

SRP Ford Flat Top Pistons for 302,302 stroker(3.400 Crank) $452.00-$484.00

SRP Ford Flat Top Pistons for 351W and 351W Stroker (3.700-3.850 stroke) $452.00

SRP Ford High Compression Domed for 302-351W using stock strokes and stock rods $500.00

SRP 2.3 Ford Flat Top Pistons any bore size 3.810"-3.830" , using stock rods or 5.7" rods $226.00-$276.00

ALL PISTONS come with wrist pins , pin locks , and oil rail supports when needed !!!

We have plenty of other great deals going on right now , and they will continue through Jan 1st . Call for anything you might need !! We are Warehouse dealers for most major brands of engine parts !! We do not sell Chinese STUFF !!!!!!!

Call Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm Eastern time , ask for Steve or Bill Hendren 828-286-0780

Hendren Racing Engines
Rutherfordton , NC

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