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Author Topic:   4 Cylinder Engines...For Sale
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posted November 06, 2001 07:09 AM
Ford 2.3L Duratec DOHC All-Aluminum and GM 3.0L Cast-Iron Long Block
Ford-Cosworth similar to Formula One.
135 H.P. @ 5050 rpm Torque 153 lbs-ft @ 3750
Comp.Ratio 9.7-1
Bore X Stroke 3.44" X 3.70"
5 Main Bearings
Direct-Acting Bucket Tappets
Multi-Port Fuel Injection
Weight 180 lbs!!
Price...$600.dollars plus trucking. Quality control engines testing Ford's assembly procedures and individual component tolerances. Most of these engines have never been started.

3.0L GM "marine" engines. Same block as early Chevy II. See then open Marine link for
photo and specs. Clifford Performance makes intake/exhaust manifolds plus
aftermarket speed parts. $550.dollars plus trucking. Late-model engines needing rebuild.

Write or contact me at Kansas Racing Products
785-922-6644 or Thanks! Gerry.


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