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Author Topic:   Powerglide Coupler Ring
Dirt Freak

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posted October 26, 2001 11:55 AM
I need the little ring that goes on coupler that goes into a Powerglide tranny. Anybody know where I can get mt hands on one?

Dirt Administrator

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posted October 26, 2001 01:13 PM UIN: 16262997
Usually,I put a washer on the coupler. When you put it in, you should be able to move the coupler by hand back and forth a little. When you get it set, scoot the washer up and weld it in place. Make sure you have a small gap in between them. I have personally had problems with those rings and quit using them. If you use that one coupler in the same car all the time, then welding a washer to hold it in place is the only way to go. Just takes a bit to fab a washer with that big of a hole, but it is definitely worth the time. After I did this, I have not lost one coupler. Before I did this, we lost 3.


Dirt Freak

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posted October 26, 2001 01:27 PM
Somebody makes an aluminum clamp that does this. Maybe Coleman?

Dirt Administrator

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posted October 26, 2001 01:50 PM UIN: 16262997
I was wondering about that. I sure would like to know who makes it.


Dirt Freak

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posted October 26, 2001 11:00 PM UIN: 23443678
I had the same problem. What i did was made a allum spacer for the inside between the shaft and the end of the crank. Works great it was just a peice of allum pipe cut to lengh.

Dirt Maniac

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posted October 27, 2001 11:48 PM
TCI makes the slip collar.
Part # is 745050.
They also make the spiral lock, part # 704700.

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Dirt Roller

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posted October 29, 2001 02:28 AM
I broke 2 of them so figured out how far the shaft went in to the coupler and took that and cut it out of wood (hole saw) works great haven't had know trouble since.


Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 29, 2001 10:00 AM
The spacer in the crank flange works good as well as welding a washer, etc to the coupler, but if you change motors it could crreate a problem because if the back of the crank is thicker or thinner it could cause clearance problems.

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