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Author Topic:   Carberator
Dirt Roller

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posted May 31, 2001 09:20 PM UIN: 42016153
Does anyone know how to get or has a 4412 Holley "Willies" carb?? I know there expensive but to be competitive at my track, I think I have no choice but to find one. I don't know much about them cept they are a 2 barrell Holley 4412.
Thanks for any help!!
7w Racing

Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 01, 2001 08:28 AM
Just wondering, but is there any specific reason why you feel it HAS to be a Willie's carb in order to work well enough?
If you'd like, I'll work with you to solve any carb shortcomings you may have as well as with your entire engine combo so that you're running up front where you'd like to be.

Not trying to take anything away from Willie's, or any other carb builder, but many times, you do wind up paying big $ for not much more than a name.

Just opening the door and offerin' help if it's wanted....


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Dirt Roller

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posted June 08, 2001 10:11 AM UIN: 42016153
Thanks for writing. I have a good engine (same as the guy blowing the field away!) And actually I have a pretty good carb now. But it's either his carb is what is giving him the advantage or else he is doing something else.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 08, 2001 02:02 PM UIN: 27426975
are you running a big block modified?


Dirt Roller

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posted June 08, 2001 02:32 PM UIN: 42016153
Nope, a small block streeter. Huge difference there!! Would love the Horsepower from one of those though!!

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