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Author Topic:   Make some offers on these parts
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posted January 31, 2000 01:22 PM
I need either a bert or brinn transmision with a bellhousing. Also a complete onboard fire system and 2- 2" wide 5 wheel spacers. Would like to trade. I AM FROM OREGON.

A LOT of 9" ford axles. NON floater. Let me know what length and make an offer for them.

Set of Hooker super comp. headers. Used 3 seasons and are in good shape. I would take $80.00 for these OBO.

6 forged ROSS pistons for a 400 SBC. They take a 6" rod and have full floatre pins. Had a little accident with the other 2. I had these 6 checked out at the machine shop and the are just fine. Asking $200.00

Complete set of 8 Ohio .30 over dome cast pistons. For a 400 SBC chevy. 6 BRAND NEW in box. Other 2 are from the same set, but used 1 race. Bought them for $225.00. Will sacrifice for $165.00

Claimer Oil pan for small block chevy. 7qt. circle track. Has windage tray and 3 trap doors. Comes with a pump, asking $75.00

1 complete coil over kit for a small body shock. $20.00

2 SWEET Mfg. Clamp on Rear trailing arm brakets. All aluminum, used 2 seasons and are in excelent shape. Port City part # 165-60007. Retail for $104.30 each will sell the set for $150.00

2- smooth steel body Pro Shocks. They type with the removeable bearing ends. 1-7530 also on good shape except ONLY on this shock the bottom thread is bent. The shock shaft itself is excelent, just the rod end is a little crooked. Wont hurt peformance of shock and could be fixed. $36.00 w/o bearing ends. Also 1-7400 Pro Shock, same type. Great condition. Nothing wrong with this one at all. Asking $45.00 w/o bearing ends. Will sell both for $70.00

1-Aluminum Muncie T-10. Has had 1st and 2nd gear removed for light weight. Is in EXCELENT CONDITION. Course splined input shaft. 1 ear has been welded back on other than that it is PERFECT. Asking $410.00

Complete 350 LT1 motor. .30 over forged TRW pistons and 5.7 pink rods. Crane 260 cam. 10.7:1 compression. Steel crank, and 882 heads. Stainless steel valves 2.02 int and 1.60 ext. This engine has been ran 1 time since getting back form the machine shop. the heads HAVE NOT been ran since getting back form the machineast. Heads are unported with screw in studs and cut for bigger valve springs. Would make AWSOME motor. Will split shipping and can send pictures of motor with casting numbers.

MANY Impala front end pieces and GM steering boxes with power steering pumps. Make any offers!!!!

Any questions I can be e-mailed directly at Make me some offers!!!! I can send pictures of any of these items. Check out my pieces with pictures at I am seller accress(of course).

Thank You,
Alan Cress

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