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posted January 28, 2000 10:40 PM
OK guys, for all of you who think you cannot run our units, here is a new one. A transmission that disconnects the cluster internally to make an enormous amount of added horsepower available to the tires, reduces rotating mass, and is totally undetectable externally...that is right, it look just like your everyday muncie, bolts to any GM patterned bellhousing and can be used with virtually any 10 spline x 1 1/8 spline clutch assembly (including OEM pieces).

Perfect for hobby, street or any class you want to hide your advantage. This will drive
the competition mad and the tech guys can't tell looking at it.

WISSOTA, IMCA, who cares....even if they come up with a rule that bans this one,they gotta have a way to check it. And there is nothing on the outside of it to give it away once in the car...and it bolts in where your GM trans comes out.

Checkout my website for more details...

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