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Author Topic:   limited modified...SIMS
Dirt Newbie

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posted December 21, 2002 06:27 PM
are there many lim.mods in north tx are other tracks picking them up for 2003?
how many does 85 have on average?


Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 22, 2002 09:16 PM
We have two tracks here in Oklahoma running the limited mods but I thank the rule are not the same We run the asphalt pull off tires, 360 cubic inch, 16 inch of vaccum, min. 10 inch clutch or converter, and 2400 lbs. minimum, the frame rule is the same as the (IMCA) mods so we can use the older mod chassis. If I am rite In Texas the frame must be stock to the center of the rearend This is a cheeper car to build but you have to build a new car becouse there are not many used cars. I like the idea of using the (IMCA) mod frame rules becouse there are alot of used mods for sale alot cheeper than you can build a new car.

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