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Author Topic:   2 Slots open for Replica Orders.
Dirt Roller

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posted March 03, 2003 08:18 PM
I recently finished one replica, and am about to finish one more, so i've decided to go ahead and open two more replica spots for those looking for an opportunity to get a replica done.

I may or may not have some additional spots open in the future, i'm sort of turning down the nozzle on orders so i can keep up and my backlogue doesn't get too out of hand... it all depends on how things go, and how i feel.

The Modified i'm about to finish is a whole new design, and I think it's far superior to the modified replicas i've done thus far. Because I haven't done as many modifieds, they were technologically 'behind' the late models simply becuase i hadn't done as many, and didn't have as many chances for improvement. Pictures of that replica will be up on the website in about a week.

The website is here:

my email is

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