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Author Topic:   New division unveiled in 2003
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posted May 16, 2002 12:35 PM UIN: 16262997
New division unveiled in 2003
Entry level class will complement current I.M.C.A. Modified
VINTON, Iowa (May 16) – The new Modified division to be introduced by I.M.C.A. next season will have its own distinctive look, along with a combination of unique features and those shared with other sanctioned classes.
Prototypes for three body packages are in the works now. The engine will have a 361 cubic inch limit, 9-to-1 com-pression and automatic powerglide transmissions will be required.
No quick-change rear ends are allowed. Tires will be the G60 and all wheels must have a three-inch offset. Drivers can phase in older chassis but will eventually have to use a full-size Ford factory frame.
“We want this to be an economical entry level class that complements our Modified division, much the same way the Hobby Stocks do our Stock Car division,” explained I.M.C.A. Vice President of Operations Brett Root. “We are looking to come up with a division similar to the Modified that can be run as economically as a Hobby Stock.”
“Ideally, we want this to be something that can be built from scratch,” Root added. “It will be as close to a total spec race car as you can get without necessarily forcing people to buy from a single supplier, and as affordable as possible.”
Yet to be determined are a minimum weight and a dollar amount for the engine claim. Once those items are decided, they’ll be added to the rules now posted on the I.M.C.A. website.
A maximum purse structure will also be established.
National point standings will be based on drivers’ 20 best feature finishes and it’s anticipated that the new division will be part of the Speedway Motors I.M.C.A. Super Nationals schedule beginning in 2003
“We don’t want people to get the idea that we are changing our philosophy or giving up on any of the classes we have now. There is no doubt that the less expensive a division is, the more people can enjoy it,” Root said. “The new division offers another choice to promoters and drivers, and it will serve a very important purpose within this organization. It’s been more than 10 years since I.M.C.A. added a division (the Hobby Stocks, in 1989) and that says a lot about the stabil-ity of our rules.”
While much of the structure for the new division is in place, a name for it has yet to be decided.
I.M.C.A. is open to suggestion and any ideas can be forwarded to Root at the I.M.C.A. home office.
“The name should incorporate Modified. We’re not going to call it a B-Mod, an E-Mod or an Economod,” he said. “This is an entry-level Modified that is not downgraded and its name should reflect that.”
The person proposing the name that is chosen will receive a six-day pit pass to the upcoming Super Nationals. If they’re also an I.M.C.A. driver, they’ll get a complimentary license for the 2003 race season as well.

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