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Author Topic:   7th Annual Mid-America Modified Championship...Qualifying
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posted March 23, 2002 10:50 AM UIN: 16262997
7th Annual Mid-America Modified Championship
Friday-Saturday; March 22-23
By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. 124 cars attempted to qualify for the 7th Annual Mid-America Modified Championship Friday night.


1) Kenny Gaddis-18.134
2) Jerry Buck-18.136
3) Wendell Wallace-18.167
4) Jimmy Owens-18.220
5) Andy Tennison-18.222
6) Ronnie Jeffrey-18.224
7) Robby Arnold-18.228
8) Claudie Cook-18.242
9) Donnie Barnhart-18.271
10) Jeff Greene-18.276
11)Cliff Carter-18.294
12) Billy Moyer-18.297
13) Shawn Walsh-18-297
14) Mike Bowers-18.302
15) John Toesch-18.321
16) Steve Kosiski-18.326
17) Ron Jones-18.332
18) Mark Norris-18.356
19) Mike Marler-18.360
20) Dustin Billingsley-18.374
21) Randal Griffin-18.391
22) Scott Drake-18.392
23) Randy Zimmerman-18.394
24) Todd Klees-18.394
25) Jack Sullivan-18.396
26) Greg King-18.407
27) Gary Clark-18.413
28) Johnny Bone Jr.-18.415
29) Tommy Myer-18.425
30) Richie Tosh-18.427
31) Jason Hughes-18.432
32) Skeet Amason-18.432
33) Bart Richardson-18.375
34) Chuck McGinty-18.440
35) Kevin Salter-18.440
36) Mark Stephens-18.440
37) Jimmy Waugh-18.450
38) Brandon Smith-18.459
39) Jeff Taylor-18.468
40) Mike Sorenson-18.493
41) Tim Donlinger-18.497
42) Chad Mallett-18.497
43) Greg Waugh-18.498
44) Justin Boney-18.499
45) Wayne Brooks-18.507
46) Phil Dixon-18.523
47) Robbie McClain-18.533
48) Tommy Porter-18.535
49) Marc Robe-18.565
50) Lucas Cox-18.690
51) Bruce Hanford-18.574
52) Kelly Shryock-18.575
53) Jason Hollis-18.576
54) Bryan Millican-18.576
55) John Pafford-18.594
56) Christy Georges-18.595
57) Eddie Martin-18.616
58) Steve Holtzkamper-18.621
59) Raymond Merrill-18.626
60) Brian Ritchie-18.636
61) Randy Bailey-18.643
62) Tommy Fulton-18.653
63) John Logue-18.661
64) John VanDenBurg-18.677
65) Mark Noble-18.680
66) Dicky Jackson-18.680
67) Keith Pitman-18.700
68) Chris Moore-18.704
69) Alvin Maple-18.711
70) Todd Neiseiser-18.712
71) Nathan Kilwine-18.733
72) Mark Dotson-18.739
73) Peyton Taylor-18.744
74) Max Eddie Thomas-18.779
75) Billy Robinson-18.780
76) Steve Miller-18.782
77) Steve Fowler-18.783
78) Rex Merritt-18.795
79) Shawn Blees-18.802
80) Justin Fulton-18.806
81) Jason Davis-18.814
82) Jesse Cordell-18.837
83) Randle Sweeney-18.851
84) Todd Clifford-18.852
85) Todd Dart-18.882
86) Royal Jones-18.918
87) Dena Wilson-18.931
88) Eric Hickerson-18.936
89) David Baser-18.942
90) Johnny Sullivan-18.952
91) Shawn Haynes-18.957
92) B.J. Robinson-18.977
93) Robert Dunn-18.985
94) Brad Qualls-19.004
95) Todd Sherman-19.028
96) Neal Neisler-19.049
97) Jess Short-19.051
98) Ryan Ruter-19.060
99) Larry Campbell-19.060
100) Bryan Mullen-19.061
101) Rex Berry-19.089
102) Scott Haupt-19.116
103) Bumper Jones-19.127
104) Lindsey Shields-19.154
105) Curt Barnett-19.198
106) Danny Resinger-19.242
107) Chris Brown-19.250
108) Joe Haupt-19.250
109) Don Gumke-19.256
110) Jeremy Greenway-19.453
111) Eric Scribner-19.536
112) Jordan Steiner-19.539
113) Donnie Powers-19.783
114) Chris Brindley-20.110
115) Billy Kellebrew-20.602
116) Ronnie Vernon-Disqualified
117) Jim Paulson-Disqualified
118) Ricky Anderson-Disqualified
119) Sherman Barnett-Disqualified
120) Denny Stuckey-Disqualified
121) David Hess-Disqualified
122) Bud Collett-No Time
123) Douglas Sajdak- No Time
124) Patrick Linn- No Time

1st Heat (20 Laps, three transfer) 1) Scott Drake, Webb City MO 2) Billy Moyer, Batesville AR 3) Richie Tosh, Salado AR 4) Mark Norris, Clinton AR 5) Todd Klees, Rochester MN 6) Greg Waugh, Batesville AR 7) Peyton Taylor, Batesville AR 8) Don Gunke, Jamestown ND 9) Ronnie Jeffrey, Locust Grove AR 10) Keith Pittman, Sibley LA 11) Jimmy Waugh, Batesville AR 12) Todd Dart, Algoma WI 13) Bumper Jones, Las Cruces NM 14) Jess Short, Jackson MO 15) Marc Robe, Wichita KS 16) John Pafford, Germantown TN 17) Shawn Hayes, Malden MO 18) David Hess, Clinton AR (scratches, Randy Bailey Sr., Shawn Blees, Billy Kellebrew)

2nd Heat 1) Ron Jones, Zimmerman MN 2) Cliff Carter, West Memphis AR 3) Jack Sullivan, Greenbriar AR 4) Andy Tennison, Bartlet TN 5) Justin Boney, DeSoto KS 6) Chris Moore, Nesbit, MS 7) Jason Hughes, Colcord OK 8) Christy Georges, El Paso TX 9) Brandon Smith, Floral AR 10) Randal Griffin, Leslie AR 11) Royal Jones, Las Cruces NM 12) Ronnie Vernon, Friendship TN 13) Justin Fulton, Muskogee OK 14) Ryan Ruter, Kanawha IA 15) Tommy Fulton, Muskogee OK 16) B.J. Robinson, Shreveport LA 17) Bud Collett, Parsons TN 18) Jeremy Greenway, Luray TN 19) Lindsey Shields, Hallsville TX 20) Max Eddie Thomas, Forney, TX 21) Lucas Cox, Bald Knob

3rd Heat 1) Jimmy Owens, Newport TN 2) Skeet Amason, New Boston TX 3) Randy Zimmerman, Ft. Scott KS 4) Jeff Greene, Paragould AR 5) Steve Kosiski, Omaha NE 6) Eddie Martin, Stillwell OK 7) Wayne Brooks, Bald Knob AR 8) Jeff Taylor, Batesville AR 9) Greg King, Sikeston MO 10) John Logue, Boone IA 11) Alvin Maple, Batesville AR 12) Bruce Hanford, Davenport IA 13) Larry Campbell, Van Buren AR 14) Billy Robinson, Blanchard LA 15) Jason Davis, Luray TN 16) Eric Scribner, Kiel WI 17) Curt Barnett, El Paso TX 18) Robert Dunn, Centerville AR 19) Jim Paulson, Zimmerman MN 20) Dena Wilson, Coweta OK (scratch, Douglas Sajdak)

4th Heat 1) Bart Richardson, Bradford TN 2) Donnie Barnhart, North Little Rock AR 3) Wendell Wallace, Batesville AR 4) Chuck McGinty, Conway AR 5) John Toesch, Watertown SD 6) Kelly Shryock, LeMars IA 7) Phil Dixon, McAllen TX 8) Gary Clark, Walker MO 9) Mike Sorenson, Rochester MN 10) John VanDenBurg, Oskaloosa IA 11) Steve Holtzkamper, Gentry AR 12) Steve Miller, Pfulgerville TX 13) Brian Mullen, Seymore WI 14) Eric Hickerson, Lobelville TN 15) Patrick Linn, Little Rock AR 16) Jesse Cordell, Diaz AR 17) Brad Qualls, Pleasantville TN 18) Danny Resinger 19) Jordan Steiner, Rochester MN 20) Ricky Anderson, Bald Knob AR 21) Todd Neiheiser, Panama City FL

5th Heat 1) Mike Bowers, North Little Rock AR 2) Claudie Cook, Portageville MO 3) Mark Noble, Blooming Prairie MN 4) Johnny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge AR 5) Dustin Billingsly, Crawfordsville AR 6) Kevin Salter, Desha AR 7) Tim Donglinger, Rochester MN 8) Jerry Buck, Paragould AR 9) Randle Sweeney, Clifty KY 10) Robbie McClain, Hot Springs AR 11) Todd Sherman, Chunubusco IN 12) Jason Hollis, Ethelsville AL 13) Raymond Merrill, Sallisaw OK 14) David Baser, Jacksonville AR 15) Rex Berry, Huntington TN 16) Chris Brown, Cleveland TX 17) Sherman Barnett, El Paso TX 18) Steve Fowler, Roscommon MI 19) Nathan Kilwine, Owatonna MN 20) Donnie Powers, Henderson TX

6th Heat 1) Mike Marler, Winfield TN 2) Robby Arnold, Paragould AR 3) Kenny Gaddis, Hallsville TX 4) Shawn Walsh, Ash Flat AR 5) Tommy Myer, Blooming Prairie MN 6) Mark Stephens, Arlington TN 7) Bryan Millican, Cleveland TX 8) Mark L. Dotson, Cameron MO 9) Todd Clifford, Paragould AR 10) Scott Haupt, Belgium WI 11) Neal Neisler, Loveland CO 12) Brian Ritchie, Newark AR 13) Dicky Jackson, Paragould AR 14) Tommy Porter, Ola AR 15) Joe Haupt, Mequon WI 16) Donny Stuckey, Longview TX 17) Chris Brindley, West Branch MI 18) Chad Mallett, Clinton AR 19) Johnny Sullivan, Atwood IN 20) Rex Merritt, Clever MO

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posted March 23, 2002 11:34 PM UIN: 16262997
7th Annual Mid-America Modified Championship
Friday-Saturday; March 22-23

By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. In racing, the only lap you really need to lead is the last. Mark Norris took that principle to heart; overtaking Mike Marler in turn two after the white flag came out. Norris led just a hair over a lap, but that was enough to claim the 7th Annual Mid-America Modified Championship worth $8,000 to the Clinton, Arkansas native. Marler had taken the lead from Scott Drake on lap three, and continued at the point until giving way to Norris on the last lap.
After a failed attempt to start the 50 Lap Main Event, Drake powered to the lead from the pole position, with Marler, Ron Jones, Jimmy Owens, and Bart Richardson. Billy Moyer, driving the Mike Knight Modified, took over 5th spot on the second lap. Marler moved under Drake for the point in turn two on lap three.
Mike Bowers and Donnie Barnhart brought out the first caution; as the pair were together on the frontstretch on lap four. Moyer got past Owens for fourth, then Jones slipped past Drake for second on the restart. Marler opened a 10 carlength advantage by lap five, was pacing the field by 15 carlengths by lap eight, and had pulled to a twenty carlength lead by lap 12.
Jones separated from the pack in second spot, then the caution bunched the field again on lap 15 as Mike Sorenson got turned around in turn four. Billy Moyer moved to third spot on the restart, then drove past Jones for second in turn four on lap 16. Drake improved to third past Jones in turn four on lap 17, then Owens moved past Jones for fourth in turn two on lap 18. Johnny Bone Jr moved to the fifth spot, coming from the 7th row, on lap 20.
Moyer and Owens drove side by side for second on lap 21, with Owens getting the spot in turn four. Bone and Drake dueled for the fourth position swapping it back and fourth over the next few laps. The caution flag waved for Jack Sullivan who was stopped in turn four on lap 30. Donnie Barnhart slowed the race again on lap 38 as he was stalled on the frontstretch.
Mark Norris moved into the top five on lap 39, after starting in the middle of row eight. Norris slipped past Bone for fourth in turn four on lap 41, then moved past Moyer for third in turn four on lap 44. Norris and Owens were side by side for the second spot on lap 46, with Norris getting the spot in turn three.
Norris was running out of laps with Marler too far ahead to catch, but the caution flag came out on lap 48 for Mike Sorenson who had gotten into the turn two wall. That gave Norris his opportunity as he was side by side with Marler on the restart. The pair crossed the start finish line, taking the white flag in a dead heat, but Norris jumped past Marler coming out of turn two taking the lead. Mark Norris came home with the win with Mike Marler, Jimmy Owens, Billy Moyer, and Johnny Bone Jr. making up the top five. Ron Jones, Cliff Carter, Skeet Amason, Richie Tosh, and Scott Drake rounded out the top ten.

A FEATURE (50 Laps)

1) Mark Norris, $8,000
2) Mike Marler, $5,000
3) Jimmy Owens, $3,000
4) Billy Moyer, $2,000
5) Johnny Bone Jr., $1,500
6) Ron Jones, $1,480
7) Cliff Carter, $1,460
8) Skeet Amason, $1,440
9) Richie Tosh, $1,420
10) Scott Drake, $1,400
11) Chris Moore, $1,380
12) Bart Richardson, $1,360
13) John Logue, $1,340
14) Mark Noble, $1,320
15) Robby Arnold, $1,300
16) Steve Kosiski, $1,280
17) Randy Zimmerman, $1,260
18) Kenny Gaddis, $1,240
19) Kelly Shryock, $1,220
20) Mark L. Dodson, $1,200
21) Tim Donlinger, $1,180
22) Chuck McGinty, $1,160
23) Mike Sorenson, $1,140
24) Eddie Martin, $1,120
25) Donnie Barnhart, $1,100
26) Claudie Cook, $1,080
27) Wendell Wallace, $1,060
28) Jack Sullivan, $1,040
29) Gary Clark, $1,020
30) Mike Bowers, $1,000

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posted March 24, 2002 10:07 AM
Thanks Jammin, Anyone have any word from Saturdays events ??

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