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Author Topic:   Gas vs: Alky
Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 08, 2001 08:26 PM
Who likes which better and why? I personally like gas better for 2 reasons. No moisture build up in the oil and consistant weight throughout the feature with less loss of fuel.

Wild Bunch Racing
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posted November 08, 2001 08:33 PM
I prefer Alky because of more power. It is also alot more work.

James Birmingham
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posted November 09, 2001 08:09 AM
Man I know the Alky requires more to maintain after the races, NO QUESTION.
But the thing is during the races once the jetting is set, I get it on the rich side. You dont have to worry too much about it. You will be close to all the hp you will ever get even if you chase it down to the last .0001.
You cant say that with gas if the mix is off just a little you have to chase it up and down because it drops off big time on either side of the ideal mix.
What that does is allow you more time to pursue the handle on the chassis.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 09, 2001 03:37 PM
I completely agree with what you said. I havn't had major carb tuning problems with gas, but I do understand it is more critical than with alky. Where I find the huge difference is in the feature. If you and I both run 30 laps, I lose almost 1/2 as much in static weight. If you burn 15 gal, I only burn about 7 1/2. That is roughly a 50 lb difference. That can be huge on a slicked over race track, and that slicked over race track can compound the problem with cautions which equates to more fuel burn-off. The negative side is the HP and gas motors are harder to keep cool. Also, I am kind of lazy, so I don't have to carry as much fuel with gas.......LOL.

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