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Author Topic:   Funny saying on the back of a Modified
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posted June 23, 2001 10:24 AM
Floor It Till You See GOD - Then Turn Left

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posted July 16, 2001 03:24 PM UIN: 97888000
on the back of my dads car it has in search of the MO-MO monster, for supporting his efforts to find the big foot of missouri in his younger days

Dirt Newbie

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posted August 23, 2001 08:32 AM
Here are two of my favorites:

"You must be fast cause I was hauling a** when I passed you!"

"Hold my trophy while I kiss your girlfriend"

Dirt Newbie

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posted August 27, 2001 03:27 PM
I thought about using "Wearing dirt not skirts"

Dirt Newbie

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posted September 09, 2001 06:05 AM
On Chris Quinn's modified:

"If thy brother offends thee, smythe him with thy bumper"

(I might have spelled it wrong, but you get the idea...)

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posted September 09, 2001 04:24 PM
Do you REALLY want to spend a week repairing your chassis?

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posted September 10, 2001 11:14 AM
Cry Babies Stay Home!

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posted September 12, 2001 04:12 PM
I Think I have seen that car. Is it yellow?
Originally posted by Rooster:

On a car in Kansas, My yellow brick road is paved with DIRT!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 19, 2001 05:18 PM
"Stay back 100ft."

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