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Author Topic:   Leak down lifters
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posted April 05, 2003 10:54 PM
Does anyone have any experience with the leak down lifters that let you run a more radical cam but will still pull a vacuum at idle?

Any one have any idea what kind of cam to buy without leakdown lifters that would pull 16 inches of vacuum? I am running a 360 mopar engine if it helps any.

The rules state that ENGINE MUST PULL 16 INCH VACUUM AT 1200 RPM


rico 08
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posted April 06, 2003 08:17 AM
Hey greg,cool site huh?Like i said you should get alot of good useful info here,the bleed down lifters are sort of a compromise,they do work to some extent but the biggest problem is they sometimes don't give you all the cam back at higher rpm,especially with higher spring pressures.So you have two choices use a bigger cam then use the bleeddown lifters to get some vacuum and maybe not get the full lift/duration back if the lifter doesn't fully pump back up,or go with a cam that pulls vacuum without needing them.Another thing about them to consider is i don't think they are anti-pump up but i could be wrong.As i said at the track i'd keep the duration around 220-230 at .050 and the lobe center wide say 112-114 that should pull good vacuum without the need for the bleed down's.Good luck!

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