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Author Topic:   Head Porting
Dirt Full Roller

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posted February 08, 2003 10:50 PM
I run in a $350 claimer class. And they get the whole car...from the tires to the roof. I try to run disposable cars. My engine is starting to get weak all over...rings, valves, everything. It is a bone stock 351W. Would it do me any good to port the heads? I can get it done really cheap and could use as much cheap power as I can get. It isn't worth the money to rebuild the motor and get claimed, but I need to go faster. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Dirt Freak

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posted February 08, 2003 11:45 PM
forget porting the heads.........and don't re-build the motor........just bring $350 with you and buy the winners car and you are set for next time........LOL, gotta love a deal like that...........

I would think that to go through the work of porting the heads and taking the motor apart and I would re-ring the motor.....

Ring seal makes bunches of power......go need to seal that bomb, or it just goes need to go doesn't help to get MORE air in the motor UNLESS you can compress it to a great pressure while the plug lite the wick....if you are leaking off pressire because the ring seal is's not a bomb but a fire cracker...........

I say skip the port job, unless you are re-building .........instead take the money you sould have spent on the port job and buy a little jar of to a few kart racers, or snowmobile racers.....they sell it in a pint jar .........

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