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Author Topic:   ready to buy shocks
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posted February 02, 2003 09:43 PM
Hey guys,Ihave been reading and studing shock info in catalogs and news articles and now am absolutly confused on what to get.I have noticed each brand rate them diffrently,and a shock techno operator just wrote that stock mount racing shocks aren't much diffence then 'napa' over the counter shocks.We have a 79 pontiac grand prix metric car,we race on a 1/4 mile high bank clay track.Springs are LF 1000,RF1200,LR200,RR250.What I would like to hear from you guys is what would you order in my case,brand and part # please....

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posted February 02, 2003 10:13 PM UIN: 54865418
for stock mount shocks bilsteins are the only way to go in my opinion they won't fade like the el cheapo's will i myself run gabrail's for a s-10 blazer on the rear because it's hard to hide the plastic dust cover on the bilstein rears and they are not alowed in my class but they never check the fronts on us just look real quick so they look just like any other shock after you doctor um up a little

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posted February 02, 2003 10:15 PM
The insides of a racing Street Stock shock absorbers are built just a like regular racing shock.Only the exterior body and mounts resemble a stock absorber. These shocks are basically a 50/50 shock, meaning that they are close to the same rating in compression and rebound. As a comparison, stock passenger car shocks are not even close to the 50/50 rating. I have run both PRO Shocks and Carreras and prefer the Carreras. Carrerra part numbers are 2858 front, 2385 rear. PRO Shock part numbers are SS100 front, SS201 rear. Hope this helps...

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posted February 06, 2003 08:34 PM
I bought the adjustable pro shocks this year. The are stock mount but can be fine tuned easily. I havent tried them yet, but they are the only adjustable ones Ive seen and it sure beats buying lots of expensive race shocks to meet the changing needs of a racer with a limited budget. I havent tried them yet, but with a little black paint I think they will be the hot ticket for me.

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posted February 06, 2003 10:13 PM
I ran stock Napa shocks for 3 years on a Pure Stock, then last year switched to the adjustable Pro Shocks. Both my wife and I drive the car and both agreed that the difference was noticable. Go with the racing shocks. They do make a difference.
P.S. We won 0 races in 3 years, then won 2 last year

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posted February 08, 2003 05:31 AM
Hi doubletrouble: A good friend of mine has a pure stock. I tryed over the counter life time warrenty shocks,and with the heavy front springs my car was Hobby Horseing. Well he told me to find a Oil Filled Shock. Well i finially found some at a Shock Shop near me, and the differance was incrediable. They are hard to find, though if interested,i could put you in touch with this dealer.

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