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Author Topic:   saftey issues
Dirt Maniac

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posted November 19, 2002 01:25 PM
This sort of goes with the driving suit, but a little different.

Alot of little things are really over looked on stock cars. Especially the lower levels of racing. Many time the guys racing are new and really want to build a good safe car they just dont know how or where to do it.
I convinced a racer this year that water pipe had no place on a race car. He honestly thought he was doing the right thing, in fact he only put them on his door bars. He said they were stronger. I thought he was joking at first, I explained to him, the idea of high carbon vs low carbon, and erw vs dom tube. Pipe designed to hold preasure vs tube designed to disipate energy. This concerned me, ALOT, But it also got me thinking.
Where did I learn about racing safety? I read books and asked a lot of questions, I looked at other cars. But what about the guys who dont do this, your racing with them. I race with them. How do you help them??

Heres another safty story!!
Ever wonder why certain safty bars are placed on race cars, of course we all know the famous bars in the cockpit area. Heres a lesser know story of leg and foot box saftey.

This is true and happened to older friend of mine. When he was younger, in those days the cars, early coupe modifieds, the safty was left upto the drivers, not the track. They never made the drivers put any renforcment under their legs or have a foot box. Well one night of racing he somehow managed to drive over the front of another car, in doing so the floor of his car tore off, and by not haveing a steel cross brace or anything substantialunder his legs, his one leg fell onto the track and drug, half hanging under the car for about 10 car lengths at speed, before he could get the car stopped. Now your probably as horrified as I was the first time he told me this. His leg was broken BAD, and he was tore up really bad and didnt race for a few years. He is fine now and he still races a vintage modified car.
Anyways this accident led to some rule changes, they made all drivers put a cross brace, heavy screen mesh, something other than a piece of tin under the drivers leg. Many cars now have a mini x brace. this allow the drivers legs to be protected if the car is in the air, roof or on its side and another car hits it or lands on something. It serves many purposes. But my point is, it took an accident of this magnitude to make them force drivers to have a safer floor.

Race safer next year!!

Dirt Freak

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posted November 19, 2002 02:54 PM
supply and demand, neccessity is the mother of invention, maybe someone should consider gathering info and writing a good book. I agree with you 100%. New racers should have a place to go to get GOOD safety info. I know it would have been good for me. I have not had a horrible accident, but I payed attention to the ones who did.


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Dirt Full Roller

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posted November 26, 2002 06:09 AM
I raced NHRA drag racing for years. They have very strict cage, seat belt and fuel system rules. Tube size, wall and geometry is mandated. Also SFI rated flywheels, shields, and balancers are required. Also every time you take the car to a new track or even monthly at some tracks, you must have the car teched before racing. If something is not right you either fix it or load up and go home! Also, the rule book is written with unambiguous language. Nowhere will you read 'mounted securely' or highly recomended'. I would like to see Sat night Every week I look at so many scary fuel sytem and battery installations. If you Show up at the drags with more than 6 inches of rubber fuel line on a car you take it back home. Where is there more of a chance for something to happen to your fuel line-on a 12 second bracket car or one of a field of 32 pure stock cars pushing and banging. If some one else has a cheesy fuel line and they hit me, I have a good chance of being involved in their fire! Safety is the last thing on 50 percent of the average dirt track racer's minds. Others are quite good though too. If it were required, though, everyone would have to do it. If you can't afford to race safely then shoulkd you really be doing it?

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