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Author Topic:   Stock intakes again
redneck bubbas racing
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posted November 07, 2002 08:30 PM
This has been talked about before with various different responses so we will try again. One train of thought says the egr intakes are the best, another says the "250" intakes are the best, and yet another says the "T" are the best. So here is what I have, I will let ya'll tell me whats best and why. I have a 8997771-EGR with the 3/4 hole which came from a known to be original 350, 348250- No EGR or hole, 1407376-EGR with the hole which came from a known to be original 305, 3927184 "T" No EGR or hole, and a 346249 with EGR and the hole. As you can see I have all of the true came on a car stock intakes. This will be used on a 3400lb. Purestock with quadrajet OR a 2400lb. Limited Modified with choice of quadrajet, 2bbl. Rochester or 500 Holley. If you can tell me which one you would use and why it would be greatly appreciated.

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