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Author Topic:   Bomber springs
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posted November 05, 2002 09:53 AM
My Bomber class requires stock springs, shocks and no modifications to suspension. I can run a 265 tire on the right front and 225's on the other three. My car is an 85 Monte Carlo with a 355. The springs are the original 6cyl springs that came in the car.I must run GM springs and they must be the same on both sides. I've looked at the "stock appearing" springs avalable from the catalogs but I'm afraid they'll be tech'd. Does anyone have a suggestion for other GM springs that will not alter my ride height but give me a stiffer front end?

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posted November 05, 2002 12:46 PM UIN: 54865418
my rules say the same thing but they will never have you pull the front suspention off to check it.i run the speedway springs and you realy can't tell the difference they do look stock just rough um up a bit and roll them in dirt or sand then put them on the car and paint them the same color as the chassis same thing with the shocks you can get pretty much any stock mount shock paint it yellow then install them and when you paint the springs like i said the over spray will make it look like they where on there fromt the get go. i run 1150rf,925lf,250lr200rr on the rears you may have to go with the same weight on bolth corners because they have more coils for different weights thats a dead give away but on the front you'll be just fine. i run bilstein shocks in the front wich by the way came stock on your monte if it was an ss and cheap parts store shocks for an s-10 blazer or 1/2 ton truck

rico 08
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posted November 06, 2002 01:37 PM
try some flat black paint it's always stock appearing.

redneck bubbas racing
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posted November 07, 2002 08:38 PM
Not to say that I would "bend" on the rules but I can help here too. Sand blast the new springs and put them in a 5 gallon bucket of water and salt for about a week. After that take them out and let dry outside for a couple of days. After that put them in a go racing. It will "age" them considerably well.

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posted November 07, 2002 10:08 PM
undercoating makes anything look stock appearing.
(learned that trick from buildin demo derby cars)

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posted November 08, 2002 03:16 PM
Thanks guys. I think I'll try the aftermarket springs.

redneck racing
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posted November 15, 2002 11:03 PM
Dont forget to take the spring rate tag off of them. Eddie

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posted November 17, 2002 05:22 PM
Something else to remember, and I find this interesting, do your rules say "GM" springs? If they do, how does GM mark the springs? I have never found a mark on the springs that says GM. If the rules say "stock appearing" then any aftermarket spring appears stock, correct? so as long as its not powder coated, and 2 feet tall, I would say its stock appearing.

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posted November 20, 2002 07:12 AM
The rule book says "Suspension must remain stock from factory for that year, make and model. No altering of springs. Springs must be coil for coil." This is kind of ambiguous, but some other drivers tell me that you can get away with any GM coil as long as they are the same on both sides. The new rule book is available today. I probably won't do anything until I see what the new book says. Thanks for the input.

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posted November 21, 2002 08:42 PM
The easy way to tell an aftermarket spring from a stock GM spring is the diameter of the coil wire and the hieght of the spring. Most aftermarket springs use thicker wire and a shorter spring to set the rate. The stock GM springs are generally a thiner wire diameter(not spring diameter) and use the height of the spring to adjust the rate, i.e. A 16 in tall spring will be stiffer than a 14 in tall spring. Along the same lines at the track if they ask you to remove one of your front springs and when you pop your lower ball joint loose and the spring drops right out you most likely have an aftermarket spring. If you pop your lower ball joint with the stock spring you will have to pry like and sob to get that spring out without taking the rear lower control arm mount bolts out.

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posted November 22, 2002 07:01 AM
a short spring will be STIFFER than a tall spring of the same wire diameter and spring O.D.

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posted November 22, 2002 01:32 PM
Lookit Bomber94, If your track tech asks you to remove a stock spring, Tell them that you do not have a spring compressor and that you fear for the safety of you crew, maybe they will believe that you do have one of the stock 17" tall springs stuffed into the spring pocket! ROFLMBO!!
It's my belief that "Bombers" or any other entry level division should allow aftermarket springs and stock mounted racing shocks. The cars handle better, causing less activity from the track wrecker, the racing is more competitive, and guys who are new in the sport LEARN how to set up and drive a stock car!
I've not been able to convince our promotor of this-but I haven't given up!

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posted November 22, 2002 07:03 PM
Isn't the bomber class meant to be an entry level class that is relatively inexpensive with few ways to adjust the cars to give people with very little knowledge about race cars a way to get started in racing. When you have to buy springs and shocks that are twice as expensive as used springs and cheap replacement shocks to be competative it's kind of defeting the purpose of the class. If you want to adjust your race car MOVE UP a class. I know you all will jump on me for saving this, but in the simplest terms this is how it should work. Pople that want to stay in a bomber car and use everything a pure stock can so they can win all the time need to suck it up and move up to pure stock.

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posted December 16, 2002 02:44 PM
Bomber 94 let me tell you a little hint from the old racers (my papa-in-law) when he raced they didn't have all this fancy stuff here is what they did.
rf = get it off a big block car
lf get it off a small block car
rr same as the rf
lr same as lf but since yours is a v6 use your factory one on the left rear.
he also use to use truck springs
3/4 to 1 ton on the rf
1/2 ton on the lf
if any are to tall cut them off (this will make them even stronger)

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