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Author Topic:   set up changes
Dirt Roller

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posted September 10, 2002 12:38 AM
My question is how do you know what to change in the cars set up for different track conditions. We run a 3/8 mile track that ranges from a dry slick that literally had rubber all the way around the a heavy tack.....with very little rubber in the corners even. We never changed the set up all year and the driver said the car handled well. But we know it can be better. Any info on what works for you guys in any given condition would be helpful. Specfically info on how to hook up to a dry slick track.......thanks John

Dirt Freak

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posted September 11, 2002 04:45 PM
It takes can take years to learn all the answers to you questions, but if you look at some of the posts listed around this one (more recent ones) I bet you will get some of the stuff answered. there is one I started about "comparing percents" that you can read if you have scales that set up will scream on a 3\8th mile 30 degree bank track.

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