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Author Topic:   10 bolt rearend
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posted September 06, 2002 10:03 PM
ok , i am new to gm rearends, so any help and direction is appreciated. i am trying to get lower gears in a 76 impala 10 bolt.(wide?) is is possible to use the center section from a metric (not as wide?)or are they not able to be switched like that? As in just replacing the center section. Please help. thanks.

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posted September 06, 2002 10:26 PM
On GM rears you would have to swap the ring and pinion, they are not complete third members like the Fords. The metric rear is only 7.5. I don't think this will work with an older 10 bolt.

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posted September 07, 2002 03:27 PM
Yea, I agree. the older rears are 8.0 and 8.5 rears. But the good thing is, (at least in my opinion) 10 bolt rears are a dime a dozen and gearing one to the way you want it isn't that expensive if you can afford a couple sets of gears. Most pure stock classes have us using automatics and with the gears in them you can usually get the final drive you desire. I have seen some pure stocks with clutches but not all of them were legal. One was a 70 chevelle, they had cluthes, the other was a 79 malibu. As far as I know they never came with a stick. The driver tried to tell me malibu cop cars had sticks. (yea right, all the cops do is chase bad guys, talk on the radio, try not to get in an accident and shift gears) SURRREEE. Anyway, if you have an automatic and want to get your gears just right, you sure can, just keep working on it.

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posted September 07, 2002 07:22 PM
Thanks for the help, how hard is it to change ring and pinion in an 8.5. Is it something some guys with reasonable mechanical skills could do right the first time? Or better left to someone that knows exactly what they are doing? I've got the ford version of pull out and put in down pretty good. again, thanks for the help.

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posted September 07, 2002 09:29 PM UIN: 25419780
I have a GM 10 bolt I set up back in 1994 with a 538 gear. The gears in it still look brand new. I don't think it takes a mechanical wizard to adjust them just right it just takes a little time and patience.

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posted September 11, 2002 10:27 AM
You should put that '76 impala in a demo derby, those are the cars of choice by most people who can't find chyrsler imperials. You want a lighter car to race, like '77 or newer. Just my two cents.

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posted September 11, 2002 04:49 PM
I had a "mechanical wizard" set up a 9 inch one time and he set the pinion depth too deep. I could here the gears howling over open headers. the moral being, "let the buyer beware"

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posted September 11, 2002 05:48 PM
A 76 Impala is a good choice for a street stock,I ran one for 5 years. Sure the metrics are plenty,wheelbases shorter,lighter cars,and maybe easier to build,but build what you want and not what others tell you to build. Here in Wisconsin people still run 66 GTO's,64 Impalas,and 57 and 58 Chevys in street stocks. Find someone with knowledge of setting up rear ends. The 10 bolt is strong enuff for stree stock racing,but on high banking they tend to break axles or wipe out axle seals. I ran a posi with 4:10 gears in 2nd gear with a turbo 350 which gave me a final drive some where around 6:20 on a quarter mile track. For horsepower I ran a 355 smallblock with a triked out Q jet.The car worked great with a 900lf,1200rf,200 lr.and a 225 rr spring set ups. Picture of the car @ user pictures which I just posted this week. The 10 bolt will work,but find someone who knowes rear ends,and not "thinking maybe" I can do it.

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