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Author Topic:   NEED HELP ON SETUP!!!!!!
Dirt Newbie

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posted July 04, 2002 12:33 AM
Hey everyone, i will get right to the point here, we race a hobby stock, 1979 pontiac grand prix 2 door, and its got a 9" ford rear end in it and the car has been scaled, but we just cant get any traction and the car does not handle very good at all, the body rolls over in the corners and the front end pushes, we got lots of power and thats were we pass cars on the straitaway but in the corner we get passed, the track is a little smaller than a 3/8 mile and its got some banking but not very much, the track is mostly taky but it does go dry slick somtimes, if any body could help us on spring rates and what shocks to us that would be great and any other tips such as a sway bar and so on, any help would be great, thanks!

Dirt Maniac

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posted July 05, 2002 05:35 PM
well I run a half mile track and a 3/8th and here's my springs and shocks..... lf 1000 lr 250 rf 1200 rr 200.. My shocks are stock I went cheap this yr cause last yr I bent 9 pro shocks and it really started to get into my pocket. But if i was you I'd try the 50/50 pro.shocks. But what I done was went to auto zone and got the heaveist shocks for my buick and there working great. My car has not been loose or tight all yr..

Dirt Freak

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posted July 09, 2002 01:11 PM
I have run a 79 monte carlo, has 1000lb on the LF, 1100 on the RF, then 250 LR and 200 RR in back. I would use pro shocks if you can afford. Are you allowed to hollow out the car? Use about an inch stagger in front and 2 inches in back, Don't forget setting the front end up too, I would check with Steve Smith Autosports, they have an excellent line of books on those very cars on how to set up the front end and the rear end.

Dirt Newbie

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posted July 09, 2002 03:08 PM
Ya we do have alot of steve smith books and they are very helpfull, but i like alot of input coming from actual race car drivers of the same metric car, and what setup works for them, also the rules state that the car mustang weigh 3400 pounds

Dirt Full Roller

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posted July 10, 2002 11:51 AM
I am no expert, but I had the exact same problem with the push in/loose out (83 Monte Carlo). I still use the stock rear end and stock springs. I put two inch spacer in LR spring. I bolted the front sway bar solid on left and 6 to 8 inch high on right. I run a 255/60R15 on a three inch offset on right front. The other four tires are 235/60R15 on four inch offset. The rear tire with the best tread was placed on the right rear (on the left it tended to be a little loose). I run 25 lbs in the left side tires and 27 in right front and 26 in right rear. My car scaled lite in the rear (only 43.8 %), so I added about 150 lbs over the rear tires. Car seems to like this setup the best of everything I have tried. I have no jackscrews since they are not allowed in my class. I tried the taller right hand side tires on both front and back and car did not like it. I had another racer tell me that his metric car also liked very little stagger in the rear. One last thing, check your caster and camber. I followed Sleepy G. advice (do search in Street stock for his messages). I hope some of this helps. Kevin Leach # 5K

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