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Author Topic:   Oil Pressure
Dirt Roller

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posted June 30, 2002 03:35 AM
I have a 1976 Olds Cutlass with a 350 in it and It has been sitting in a pasture for three years. I just started the motor and it fired right off, but when we hooked up the oil pressure gauge it only got up to 20 when we revved the motor. I was wondering what I should check before taking the oil pump out and changing it. Thanks for the help.

redneck racing
Dirt Freak

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posted June 30, 2002 03:39 PM
Had no oil pressure in my motor one time thought it might have been the pump found out the line was plugged up and the guage went bad, since it has sat so long try some engine flush and a new oil change and see what that does. Eddie

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posted July 02, 2002 03:23 AM
I'd change the oil, filter, AND try more than one oil pressure gauge on that engine before going after the oil pump. The rule that I've always gone by is that you need 10 lbs of oil pressure for every 1000 RPM's, so if it idles at 10-15 and goes to near 50 psi at 5000 RPM's you should be ok with it. I will admit that I do like to see more oil pressure though.

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