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Author Topic:   UTQG Tire Rating
Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 25, 2002 07:32 AM
When chosing passenger car tires for racing, does anyone refer to the UTGA (Uniform Tire Quality Grading)?

The temperature grades are:
A - Best
B - Intermediate
C - Acceptable

I guess "C" being the lesser grade might be of a softer compound than "A" and would a "C" temperature rated tire provide more traction than a "A" grade?

There is also the traction grades (similar):
A - Best
B - Intermediate
C - Acceptable

These are how a tire responds to wet conditions.

For those in the know, would somethinmg like a 100 A C UTQG be a good tire for dirt racing? Just wondering if anyone ever delved into this subject with Enduro/Bombers in mind.

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