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Author Topic:   fuel line size
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posted June 13, 2002 07:27 PM
350 flat top pistons 480 lift cam stock 882 head 3 speed standard in a camaro, right now a stock fuel pump is on the motor but a better pump will be on the car soon...and i will be using a holley 4412 with stock quad alum. intake..what size line do i use....1/2"?

redneck bubbas racing
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posted June 13, 2002 10:47 PM
3/8 line willbe plenty. 1/2 willjust let the fuelsit in the line longer and get hotter possibly causing a vaporlock.

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posted June 14, 2002 01:03 AM UIN: 54865418
i agree i always use 3/8 no need for anything bigger with that carb if you are on alky then 1/2 would be better but for pump gas go with the 3/8

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posted June 14, 2002 06:01 AM
3/8 is plenty also the stock pump is fine. Use the 65 bucks to buy a shock or tire!

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