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Author Topic:   adjusting camber, caster, and toe
Dirt Maniac

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posted February 07, 2002 06:15 PM
Here's another question from a newbie. This year will be the first year I ever raced and I'm needing all the help I can get. So, what I need to know is how to adjust the camber, caster, and toe on my car which is a camaro. Any help would be greatly appreciated fellas. Thanks.

Dirt Freak

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posted February 07, 2002 11:05 PM
If you can afford a castor/camber guage and a tire temp guage and really you can't afford not to, a good rule of thumb is about 2 degrees positive on RF and about the same negative on LF. What you run on your track will be different. these are just starting numbers and you must practice and check tire temps to see where you are at. the temps should be close all the way accross (inside, middle, outside) Your springs and shocks will make a difference also. Look at steve smith autosports for setup help and remember, even a car with a so-so engine will fly if its set up really well. You have your homework cut out for you.

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Dirt Forum Racer

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posted February 08, 2002 03:54 AM
If you're racing on a budget, you may want to check out HP Books "How to Make Your Car Handle". This book is about $25 and has a lot of information. There is not a lot of info. directly on dirt track, but it will tell you a lot about setup. It also has info. on easily building your own camber, caster and toe tools out of common materials like lumber. These would do you just fine for your first year (it's what I'm using). If you do make these tools, make sure that you inspect them frequently and keep them tight, and if you measure any twist, throw 'em out and make new ones. If anyone hasn't noticed... I'm a cheap #@!%@&/.

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