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posted December 11, 2001 09:46 PM
Has anybody out there built one? I am thinking about useing a dart and going to buy torsion bars for it. What rear spring rates do i need. I am going to run a 1/4 mile track.

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posted December 12, 2001 10:28 AM
I've ran both Mopars and Chevies on dirt and can tell you that Darts/Dusters work well. They can fly through the corners, are very responsive to adjustmet, but have a smaller "sweet spot" than a GM leaf car. They're also very delicate on the front end. Contact that wont normally bother a GM car will put a Mopar out of the race. You have to drive the car with that in mind all the time.

For a Dart/Duster on 1/4 mile dirt, run the 1.04" torsion bars and 200 to 215 lb leafs in the rear. The 1.04 torsions roughly equate to a 1000 lb GM coil spring rate and are part number P5248153 in the Mopar Performance catalog. Ensure that you change out the stock bushings to urethane (especially on the front lower).

Darts and Dusters have very poor rear weight percentages, so you'll need to add at least a couple of hundred lbs of ballast in the rear to get the car to work. These cars are comparatively light to begin with, so you'll still be around 2900-3000 (with driver) with the ballast added.

You can find more info from other Mopar circle track racers on There's nothing at all wrong with this site, it's just that you'll reach more mopar racers there. Good luck!

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