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Author Topic:   Tire Pressures
Dirt Roller

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posted November 19, 2001 04:58 PM
A lot of talk about tires but I see nothing of what pressures are being ran at different tracks. What tire pressures are you running?

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posted November 19, 2001 08:18 PM UIN: 25419780
I run a street stock on 3/8 mile dirt and I run 16lf 20rf 22rr 18lr ..that is where I start and then change with track conditions..

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posted November 20, 2001 12:33 AM UIN: 54865418
tire pressure can very so much between the type of tire and wheels you run that why you don't see alot of tire pressure posts myself i run passerger car tires run mine at 23 rf and 22 the rest of the way around and go from there

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posted November 20, 2001 08:14 AM
I run hooiser dirt boss 12-15 psi right side, 8-12 left side. just depends on the track conditions

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posted November 20, 2001 12:01 PM
What is the lowest tire pressure that you would recommend for passenger car type tires, 60 series on 8" wheels?

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posted November 20, 2001 01:38 PM UIN: 54865418
it depends on what wheels you are running and if you run tube and the weight of the car i run kuhmo tires w/ tubes on aero wheels and hve gone down as low as 16# in them

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Dirt Freak

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posted November 20, 2001 02:06 PM
We run asphalt pull-offs. We run anywhere from 9-15 psi.

Dirt Maniac

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posted November 20, 2001 03:42 PM
on an 86-88" OEM DOT
we used to run as low as 14 on the RR and 12 on LR, 9-10 LF 16-18 RF. this was for a 1/2 dry/black/slick. but we only ran 12 laps.
track was for feature.

preasure increases id get:
3-4psi RR
2-3psi LR
3-4psi RF
1-2psi LF

use good dry air, ive seen a cup or more of water come out of a tire.

Another thing to consider is the volume of air in the tire.

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posted November 21, 2001 11:39 AM
So I guess that tubes should be used in the tires when going to low air pressure (under 20 pounds)? I am using US Wheel 84 Series with 235 60R 15 on a '80 Camaro without tubes in the tires (rules say no racing wheels). I have not noticed any water in any of the tires that I have changed this past racing season. Does anybody have any experience in running less than 20 psi without tubes in tires?

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posted December 18, 2001 07:42 PM
I never had much luck running below 10 psi
on a radial tire. I ran them with and without
tubes. You should be careful of running the
pressure too low esp on right side. Banking
and holes are the "tire getters". Higher banks and/or rough track requires more air.
Heavy end of the car needs more air ,also.
You should match the tube size closely as
possible and "double inflate" them when you
mount them up. (air up ,let down ,air up again)That helps the tube find its home inside there without twisting. you can use
baby powder inside tire to keep tube from
chafing(makes them smell good,too).
good luck, hope this helps

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