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Author Topic:   no power
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posted August 09, 2001 10:05 PM
I have a '78 monte carlo that I race in the local boomer class. The problem I'm having is that the other cars are going by me like I'm pegged to a post in the straights. There is very few engine mods that are allowed. So I don't think that they all have more horse power than me. I have a relativly small cam that I have advanced 4 degrees, my thinking is that I've moved the usable power too low in the rpm range. I race on a 3/8 mile track. My corner rpm is 3000 and end of straight is only 4100. I ran 3.23 in the rear and th350 in 2nd. Any ideas?

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posted August 10, 2001 09:41 AM UIN: 67129301
I had that problem too when I first started. I leave it in 1st gear all the way around the track. Don't use 2nd gear. I run almost 7 grand at the end of straights. Keep her in low and go.

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posted August 10, 2001 09:42 AM
4100 is pretty low. What is your ignition
timing set at when you get up to, let's say,
3000 rpm while in the garage? It should be
around 36 - 39 degrees advanced.

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posted August 10, 2001 07:22 PM
the total advance at 3200 rpm is 32 degrees.
The car does not pull at all in the straight. It just slowly gains speed. I have thought about reinstalling the cam straight up and see what happens. we'll see.

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posted August 11, 2001 11:45 PM
Your gearing is way off here in my opinion. You need to find a set of 2.73 gears and run the turbo 350 in first only. Your final right now is 4.78 and with my set up you would have a 6.88. I raced this last year on a 3/8 and my top end was 5600 rpm. This year I race it on a 1/4 and I top out at about 5100 or so. These rpms are running with 225/70/15's and 235/70/15's. A 6.88 is a great motor saver, you turn just enough to reach what is probably your peak anyhow and you don't over rev the motor. With your current gears if you run first you will have a 8.14 final. This is way too much. You would oil the track in front of the flag stand with it. Ever try to shift it? We had a guy that did but it took him 2 motors before he figured out what to do. Good luck and holler back if ya need anything. Kenneth

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