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Author Topic:   Chevy 350 power stearing pump / pulley set up?
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posted August 02, 2001 12:46 PM
What type of power stearing pump set up should be used in a monte carlo with a chevy 350? I am almost ready to put the motor in, I just need to figure out the pully set up. Any suggestions or comments; does it even matter?

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posted August 02, 2001 01:49 PM
First take a good look at the rules.
1) Is the exhaust to be stock for the year make and model? or just stock. Corvett exhaust manifolds are almost like headers. look at different cast exhaust also (some have larger holes) This will determine weather or not you can mount the Power steering to the Exhaust bolts (several including the corvett do not)

2) can you use after market Pullys (Deep groove aluminum is the best) if not search the yards for the deepest groove pullys you can find (also look for pullys that the bottom is smaller than the top, in the grooves you are going to use, or 1 to 1 ratio)" also make sure that the upper pully has the same length water pump that you are using. this will help to line things up."

3) Look at the chevy van these have the Power steering Pumps located at bottom of the block not needing the bracket to the exhaust.

4) some pumps have the o ring connection and others have the flare fitting. The large nut will un***** and can make them interchangeable to match the gearbox you have. (Flare or o-ring)

Good luck

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posted August 02, 2001 09:50 PM UIN: 40696038
i use the power steering pump from the 305 and stock pulleys from the 350

redneck bubbas racing
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posted August 12, 2001 12:17 AM
Another tip regarding power steering. Find an old dead pump and cut the neck off of it. Attatch this to the pump on your car with a piece of hose. Whenever you put the fluid in fill it to the top of the bottom neck. This should just barley touch the didpstick. Also, the nut on the back should be drilled out some. The nut or fitting if you'd rather goes into the high pressure line. Start out a little bit bigger than stock and slowly work up. This will make the steering feel looser but it will help keep the pump from over heating. Kenneth

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posted August 14, 2001 10:22 AM
thank you for the help!

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