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Author Topic:   Handling advise
Dirt Newbie

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posted June 24, 2001 08:53 AM
Me and a buddy are running a 84 monte carlo on a 1/2 mile track with about 22 banking.
We need to be at 3500 pouns with driver in the car.So we need to add about 200 pounds to it.Where should we put it?The car still has a stock spring set up.
The rear of the car wants to slide up the turn when he is coming out.
What tire pressures should we try.We are running 225 60 15 tires with a 4.56 gear.
We set the front end with 3 1/2 degrees neg camber on the right front 4 degrees caster,
1 1/2 degrees positive camber on the left front with 1 1/2 degrees caster 1/8 inch toe out.
Also how should we stager the tires?

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 25, 2001 01:12 AM UIN: 54865418
changing your springs would help you alot do you have to run stock springs if so heres what i've been running my car had a diesle in it so i left the stock spring in the rf you could also cut a 3/4 ton truck spring down to fit in the hole and put a regular v8 spring in the lf on the rears i run springs out of a citation, vega springs will also work run about 2-3 inches of stager on the front and 0-1 inch on the rear setting your tire pressure is kinda driver preference but i run 22 on the rears and lf and 24 1/2 on the rf just remeber that the lower your pressure the more bite you will get

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