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Author Topic:   Shock Recommendations
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posted April 17, 2001 06:20 PM
After getting DQ'd from my local track last week for running PRO replacement rear racing shocks on my Factory Stock 78Regal, I need to get some new rear shocks for the car. I was told they need to be any shock readily available at any local automotive store, like monroes, or gabriels. Are there any out there that are better than another, or are all stock replacement shocks about the same. This is for a 3/8mi track that is usually pretty tacky, where I like to drive it around the low groove and not slide it up high. Any help ya'll can offer is appreciated. Thanks.


Dirt Freak

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posted April 17, 2001 08:32 PM UIN: 25419780
Speedway has a Monroe shock. I am not sure of the part number for you to use. Afco also sells factory replacement shocks. You might want to give them a try.

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posted April 18, 2001 12:45 AM UIN: 54865418
you might want to try to run bilstein they come stock on the monte ss but they are a little pricey for me also speedway has a carrera shock that has the sleeve on the top to cover the rod unlike your pros you could just peel the sticker off and paint them yellow and say they are monroes. my self i run monroes have a set for a deisel wagon on the front and set for s-10 on the back

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posted April 18, 2001 04:41 PM
was your pro shocks that you got DQ'd with the stock mount type or the bearing end type. The pro shocks of the stock mount types are the least stock looking of the racing stock style shocks, especially if they are the adjustable ones. they dont have a dust shield on them which is the bigest give away. The shocks that summit sells for 32 bucks arent bad, they look stock enough, especially with a new paint job to match your local parts mart colors.
It ***** when stock apearing just isnt stock enough, Been there done that...

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posted April 21, 2001 10:02 AM
Well after a trip down to the local autozone and shelling out forty bucks for two new Gabriel gas-ryders, my car is now legal. Went back to the races last night, and shocks really didnt matter. I sucked in my heat, won the B, and was running 8th in the A until I drove in over my head trying to get up one more spot on the last lap. The car actually seems to sit down on the rear tires better coming out of the corners. I think it may unload the rear a little harder than I like if I have to brake, but I can deal with the way they are overall.


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posted May 22, 2001 11:16 PM
The trouble with stock shocks is that the compression rate is usually much softer than the rebound. The stock appearing street stock shocks are usually 50/50, which will be the best short of an adjustable shock. I would try the Summit ones, especialy if they have the dust shields. The rates are even adjustable, but I think the compression/ rebound ratio can't be adjusted. Ask them what the ratio is before you buy. If it's close to 50/50, get 'em!


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posted May 23, 2001 12:05 AM
Here what i use to do take your pro shocks and press the rubber and cross bar out of the top of the shocks cut the top off slide and old upper shockcover on to the shaft put your upper mount on top weld it on then slide the old shock sleeve back up to the upper mount and weld it to the eye press the rubber and cross bar back into place .Make sure you keep the lower shock body cool so you don't destroy the seals . fill the shock numbers that are stamped into the shock body with jb weld and sand it smooth paint it like a monroe or gabriel and use some of their stickers if you can get them we used to do this years ago when we ran stock shock . good luck

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