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Author Topic:   What springs to run?
Dirt Roller

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posted March 03, 2001 08:09 AM UIN: 67129301
This is my first year running pure stock. I'm running a 1985 Monte Carlo with a 355 engine 8.5 rear end and 342 gears. I will be running a 3/8 mile dirt track with little banking in the corners. Was wondering what I should run for springs on front and rear. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 03, 2001 02:00 PM
I run a 79' Buick Regal on two different 3/8 mile tracks. One has high banked corners and one has pretty flat corners. Last year was my first year racing and I ran a 1000lb. in RF and a LF. In the back I ran stock springs but this year I plan on changing them. I really don't know what I will run in the back yet. Hope this helps you some.

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 06, 2001 03:00 AM UIN: 54865418
i run a 1150 rf 950 lf and the 200 and 175 on the rear and switch then on the rear for track conditions start with the 200 on the lr and if you need to loosen it up switch them

Dirt Roller

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posted March 18, 2001 06:26 PM
i have just changed my car over to softer rear springs. last year i was running a 300 and a 350. this "in my opinion" is way to stiff. the way i see it the softer the better. be sure that nothing bottoms out (shocks, a-arms, ect.). anywhere from 150 to 250 would be a good place to start. start stiffer and go to a softer spring. that is if money flow will let you. good luck in your first season.

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