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Author Topic:   Leaf Springs
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posted August 04, 2000 09:08 AM
I run in a super stock division. Camaro stock front and rear clips tied together. Car weight is 3000#. Running about 52% rear 50 % cross and 60# heavier on LR than RR. I'm not getting enough traction off the corners, have tried softer leaf springs but they loose their arch. Track is 3/8mi high banked clay. Running 175# LR and 200# RR leafs with a ProShock 94 on LR and a 95 on RR. 900 LF spring and 1200 RF. Any help would be appreciated!

Landrum springs tells me that I need to raise the rear mounting point on the leaf so that there is a 9" difference in height between the front mount and the rear shackle. We have 6" now. Does anyone agree with Landrum--- it would require much work to re-locate rear mounting point. Thanks in advance!

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